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September 2017

My Dear Friend and Fellow Member,


I am knowing that this letter is reaching you at the right and perfect time.  A time when you will be able to sit, read and contemplate on the material and messages it contains.   This month’s Letter by Dr. Carruthers, pertains to our Emotions and affect our emotions have in our body often years after the emotion was incurred.


First a word with those who have enrolled in our Unexpected Income Program: Welcome!  It is important that you do your part as well.


Step One: Read the spiritual mind treatment which accompanied the pamphlet you received.  Be sure to do this twice a day - as you begin and end your day.  For this is when move from the Beta State of consciousness -awake and reasoning into the Alpha State where we are open to suggestions, creativity, imagination and meditation on our way to the Theta - dream state and Delta the state of Deep Sleep. The Beta state is always a powerful time because we are awake but sleepy and relaxed and able to make suggestions or affirmations to our subconscious to be worked on in our theta and delta portions of sleep.  I as well will be doing treatment at these times for those who are participating.


Step Two: Become aware of all unexpected income and good coming your way. Unexpected income is anything over and above your regular income.  Regular income may be a paycheck, child support, social security, or pension.  Anything else is unexpected such as: bonus, gift, award, lottery ticket, rebate, refund, even a friend taking you out to eat.



Step Three: Be on the look out for unexpected income.  You will be surprised at how often it appears.  As we become aware of more, more manifests in our experience. If we don’t expect it, we don’t get it.


Step Four: Keep track of all unexpected income and set aside 10% to send us. I would suggest sending it frequently rather than waiting months for it to accumulate.  Circulation is also part of prosperity. Other than social security my income mostly comes from counseling, hypnosis and weddings.  I keep track of what comes in and send my tithes out every week or two.  It is easier to write that check when it is done as soon as the money comes in.


Now, Doctor’s Chat Letter this month comes from January 1956, In it, he addresses the subject of emotions and their effect on our life, our health, and our spiritual development.  He reminds us: “emotions are brought into expression by some physical action or reaction, completed by an idea or desire which seeks expression.  And, desire is a form of emotion; and emotion originates in the subconscious mind. When any thought, or idea or intention is impressed into the subconscious through the emotions. And converts the original thought, or idea into an experience in your life. 


I have seen a lot written lately about our emotions and how the can get stuck in the physical body where they reside until some “current” event or action triggers the original emotion and activates that long forgotten and buried emotion. I have long considered my chiropractor my primary care physician.  For years when I went in for an adjustment the doctor would sometimes say that this one isn’t a physical misalignment but a stuck emotion.  I personally believe that most of our ailments are the result of error belief or stuck emotion.  Which come to think of it could be one and the same.


More and more information on this interesting topic is available and being brought to light today.  How, wonderful and exciting that our Theological Science Society material by Dr. Carruthers explains how the emotions effect us based on our study of this Ancient Wisdom philosophy.   So, I won’t keep you any longer.


My thoughts and prayers are with you wherever you are in the world.  We are connected via our thoughts, beliefs and prayers.  I trust that wherever you are, you are safe and secure in all ways, for The Infinite Presence is with you always in all ways.


Many blessings,


Rev. Anne


P.S.  You can still be part of the Unexpected Income Program.  Just

send us your form.  If you are outside of the USA, send an email and we will include you.




Prior Right Established, 1956,   by

Hugh Greer Carruthers,    Founder-

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Division of The Hugh G. Carruthers

Foundation.  Rabind Rama Bodhisat

            I-A, 11th, M.D.  Ph.D         






My Beloved Chela:


My thanks to you for having me in for this visit and “chat.”  I should like to stress the invaluable benefits of giving your attention to reading and re-reading EVERY Lesson you receive once or twice during each week of the month, for in this way you not only make this remarkable Knowledge your own, but easier to apply in principle in your thoughts and actions and, of course, reap benefits you could not possibly even dream about before you have realized them.


Some of my loved ones offer all manner of different excuses as to why they are unable to read and re-read every Lesson; lack of time; too long hours demanded by their work; too much noise at home; demand of the family on their time and attention; I could bore you with nonsensical excuses I read.  If I were near some of the writers of such letters I believe I should sit down with them and cry on their shoulders, and then do something like what The Master did when He found the moneychangers turning the Synagogue into a House of merchandise: He loosed the tie rope from about His waist and whipped them out of the Temple.


There is no justifiable excuse for ruining your own future existence, here NOW, and Hereafter on the Cycle of the Rounds in your karmic evolution to whatever heights of Being you may choose; and make no mistake about it - choose you MUST either Now while Here, or at some other time, or point, of your progression.  You, and nobody else, nor any other person, or god, or deity, have anything whatever to do with Your eventual Mastery.



As the race learns the value of Personal Development we shall see evidence of Wisdom in effects.  Observe history and note that very few of the Masters and Initiates were puny, sickly men.  Pythagoras was a huge man, brawny, strong and powerful of stature; so was Plato.  A-Brahm, Who became “Father” Abraham, was a man of large proportions, said to have stood six feet and three inches in height, while His son, Isaac, was a small man.  But Isaac’s son, Jacob, stood  “more than six feet (in cubits) among His people.”


The Grecian gods were all men of gigantic stature; Zeus was pictured as a large man; and the gods, Jupiter and Mars were big figures.  The Man called Jesus, Who became The Christ, is said to have “measured nearly seven feet in height, and stood tall among His disciples, so that He could be seen from any distance.”


There is an old maxim, said to have been stated by Osiris, and repeated by Isaiah: “As the Ages roll on in their courses, men shall grow weaker and wiser.”  We may observe the truth of that, for men of nearly all races today, seem to be smaller in stature, while wiser in Understanding.


The majority are not only motivated by the emotions, but emotionally developed.  Your emotions will invariably be expressed in your actions.  The emotion of Love will express in demonstrations of affection, loving service, kindliness, devotion, etc.


Emotions of hate will express in vindictive or antagonistic actions.  The emotion of shame will be manifest in attitudes and actions corresponding to the nature of the cause which compelled the emotion into expression.   Emotions of sorrow will bring tears to the eyes because the tear ducts will respond to the nervous emotional stimulus.


You will see that the emotions are brought into expression by some physical action or reaction, compelled by an idea or desire which seeks expression.  When the emotions are expressed through a compatible channel, conditions are then conducive to well-being; but if they are repressed or unexpressed, the desire or wish will remain an emotional suppression in the subconscious and, perhaps, grow in intensity and become what is called an emotional complex.


Such a complex, or fixation, can become a real force; and develop into what is called a vital force, retaining its intensity undiminished throughout the lifetime of the individual unless released. It may even develop in violence with every similar thought or desire, or wish, or even memory.  It is this phase of erroneous emotional development with which the psychiatrist deals in treatment of such mental conditions, and which the thoughtful individual could easily control, and eradicate, himself.


The kindly emotions, such as love, generosity, magnanimity, and the like, activates the solar plexus, which, in turn, influences the action and inter-action of glands which produce a vibratory effect on certain other organs of the body which arouse passion, or desire for service.



The emotion of hate compels the acceleration of certain physical activities, which change the chemical composition and organization of the blood, and often results in semi-paralysis, and if long continued, in complete paralysis.


Emotions are invariably expressed in mental, verbal, or physical action, and being expressed in one of these three ways they are released and dissipated quickly, causing little if any dissipation of energy.  When, however, by reason of a stronger emotional reaction, such as a sense of honour, or pride, or intense anger, or desire for revenge, such emotions are consciously impressed deeply in the subconscious, and are no longer subject to conscious control, they are apt to lead to intense suffering.


A severe emotional complex of this nature may have reverse expression; as for instance, in he case of a man (or woman) who has been prevented, or forbidden, from expressing his love (and desire) for a woman (or a man), and becomes a misogynist (hater of woman).  Such a man may be intensely annoyed, or irritated, by the sight of feminine clothing, or feminine belongings.  He may give the impression that he is aggressive, domineering and independent, but this attitude will be but a cloak or a camouflage, by which he hopes to hide his emotional craving for the love and sympathy that was at same time denied to him.


Should such a man at some time select, or be influenced to take a matrimonial partner, he will invariably unconsciously decide on, and select, a woman of the opposite type to he one who caused him sorrow or suffering, the intense desire has been reversed, and he does not want any reminders.


Suffering is an emotion, and often becomes intense.  It must be controlled quickly, before, it becomes uncontrollable; otherwise it will become a subconscious fixation, as may be seen in the religious penitent, or recluse who whips himself with a lash to satisfy his intense emotional suffering.  In such cases the penitent accuses himself in the imagined thought that he is being repaid for wrong doing.  Such an idea leads to the avowal that he will never do wrong again - which is the suggestion for reformation that is deeply impressed into the subconscious by auto-suggestion of the one atoning for some real or imagined wrong he has done.


So it is that reformation might become a fixation because it changes the conscious desire to avoid the effects of results of suffering suggested by the self-inflected penance; when there will develop a conflict of emotions.  But the conscious individual usually lacks the developed ability to control his emotions, and soon forgets his vow in other recurring desires.  It is for this reason that the Church demands frequent confessions of sin and faith, in order to keep the individual mindful of the consequences of wrong doing.



Some adherents of the modern school of Psychology declare that desires originate in the subconscious mind; others that desires are of conscious origin; and both may be correct.  We know that one form of desire is based on want, or an imagined need; another is a craving, or a longing, for some thing or condition, usually originating in Thought, or consciousness, and usually a result of having seen, or heard about, something possible of attainment, or even an impossibility, or, at least, an improbability.  The individual may see something he admires and wishes to have for himself; or he may hear, or learn about something advantageous, or desirable, and wishes to have it, or imagines that he ought to have it.


The individual who sees something attractive, desirable, valuable, or helpful to him, as, for instance, a rather large sized diamond in a jeweler’s display case, and knowing he is unable to acquire it immediately, “feels” such an urgent desire for it that he dwells on it in his conscious desire for it.  This attraction, or concentrated mental effort passes the idea or desire on to the subconscious, and if not soon gratified continues as a subconscious desire until, perhaps, it becomes an obsession.


But in the main, most desire originates in the subconscious and is imagined to be of conscious origin because of subjective intuitive promptings or urgings;  and often the individual will  know that he desires something, but cannot tell how or why he desires the particular thing or condition more than some other.


Desire is a form of emotion; and emotion originates in the subconscious mind.  When any thought, or idea, or intention is impressed into the subconscious through the emotions, the sympathetic nervous system is activated and transmits the thought, idea, or intention, as vibration, to every part of the body which could be in way concerned, or affected thereby converting the original thought or idea into an experience in and of your life and affairs.  While the thought, idea, or intention originated in consciousness, the emotional urge makes it a subconscious desire.


An example of this action and interaction of the human mentality may be seen in an individual who has been ill for some time.  He desires good health, and his conscious desire may continue without any effective action on his part.  He may even eventually become physically incapacitated; when his desire becomes more intense and results in an emotional longing, or craving, for improvement.  His attitude is then transferred to the subconscious because of the intensity of the emotions.


The subconscious desire then affects the Sympathetic nervous system, which then begins to direct physical action toward overcoming the undesirable condition; and this compels a change in the conscious thought processes.  Soon what seems impossible now appears to be wholly possible and a change of physical condition begins to manifest.



Another instance may be seen in the invalid desiring to be cured by what he terms, or imagines to be, a miracle.  He has heard, or read, about invalids being completely cured by visitations to some shrine, where religious people have been cured suddenly; and where those engaged in religious work increase the emotional desire by their suggestions and tales of the wondrous cures which have been effected.  All this emotional association results in auto-suggestion in the invalid, and his thought are directed toward his own cure; thus becoming subconscious emotional factors which activate the Sympathetic nervous system.


Innumerable instances could be cited, but suffice it to say that the necessary interaction of the objective and subjective minds (or conscious and subconscious) necessitates a similar interaction between the corresponding nervous systems; that is, the Sympathetic and the Cerebro-Spinal.


The Cerebro-Spinal system of nerves is the channel through which we receive conscious perception from the physical senses, and which is in control of the physical actions, or movements of the body.  This Cerebro-Spinal system is centered in the brain.


Any attempt to explain the phenomena of Life must necessarily be predicated on the provable Truth of the at-one-ment of All existence, and all forms thereof.  The psychic principle within all living organism is the Infinite Universal Intelligence Which MUST have existed before living substance could have come into existence.  It exists Now as always, and is all around us, and flowing, or vibrating, in and through all living substance.


This Infinite Intelligence manifests as Cosmic Consciousness, as, and in, the form of living substances, acting with conscious awareness of the necessity for creating, or producing, Its food supply, and evolving organize substance on to an ever higher form and plane of Being.


The Infinite Mind is the creative Principle of the Universe  -  The Divine Essence of All Life - or that Which we know as The Infinite Omnipresence.  It is, therefore, a sub-consciousness in and of the Universe and all things therein and thereof; as It is the subconscious activity in the organization of the living form; and all sub-conscious activities in and of the living creature, plant, insect, and animal, are governed by the Sympathetic nervous system because it is the organ of the sub-conscious mind.


Human intelligence is challenged in the observation and investigation of the chemical laboratory which is known to be the foundation of all plant life.  The results accomplished by the Infinite Intelligence which manifests in this phenomenal chemical laboratory challenges the wildest imagination; as does the high order of Omni-conscious Intelligence which produces the almost unbelievable perfection of mechanical contrivances and harmonious interdependent relationships manifest in our own physical bodies.



In the mineral world all seems to be in the form of solid mass, and fixed; but when we realize the constant action and interaction of the mass of atoms we know that what appears to be, is not so.  In the animal and vegetable kingdoms we find a state of flux, constant change; continual creation and re-creation.  We then become inquisitive and demand to Know the reasons for phenomena when it is possible to acquire that Knowledge.


The atomic theory, or hypothesis, in chemistry and physics is that all material substances are composed of minute particles, or atoms of a comparatively small number of kinds; all the atoms of the same kind being uniform in size, weight, and other properties; hence, any theory concerning the structure of the atom.  [science has continued to progress to quantum physics, the string theory, holographic concepts and new revelations continue to unfold.]


According to modern discoveries (1956), the atom is now regarded, not as an ultimate particle, but as a complex system, variously conceived of as electrically neutral, static, or (most recently in 1956) dynamic.  The newest atom the outcome of wave mechanics, may be approximately pictured as a nucleus of positive electricity embedded in and surrounded by concentric spherical shells of diffuse negative electricity growing denser toward the center.


The nucleus (or nuclei) of the substances of the different kingdoms are easily understood.  A nucleus is a central mass, or point, about which matter is gathered; the central, or focal, portion or core.


Anatomically, the nucleus is a mass of gray matter, or group of nerve cells in the cental nervous system; especially in the brain.


Biologically, the nucleus is an organ present in the protoplasm of most plant and animal cells, and regarded as an essential agent in their constructive metabolism, growth and reproduction, and in the hereditary transmission of characters.  It consists of a round mass of protoplasm enclosed in a delicate membrane, known as a “nuclear membrane.”


In Organic Chemistry, the nucleus is a characteristic and stable complex of atoms to which other atoms may be variously attached.


In Physics and Chemistry, the nucleus is the central portion of an atom, containing a positive charge equal to the negative charge of the electrons.  It may consist of a single proton, or of protons and electrons; or of protons, electrons, and alpha particles.


Atomism is the philosophical doctrine that the Universe is composed of simple, indivisible, and minute particles, or atoms; and in the Atomic Theory, an atom is a small part out of which any physical quantity is build up as, an atom of energy.



In the atmosphere all about us there is heat, and light, and energy; and as we mediate and reason from the visible to the invisible, each realm is found to be finer, more spiritual, and of higher potentiality.  On the invisible plane energy manifests in its purest, most volatile state.


This is true in all of Nature.  The most powerful forces of Nature are the invisible forces.  We also find that the most powerful forces of the human individual are the invisible, or spiritual forces; and the only way of which we know that spiritual force can manifest, or be manifested, is by the process we call thinking.  Every form of thought is a spiritual expression.


Every thought, whether ephemeral or concentrated, activates certain physical tissue - parts of the brain or nerves, and even muscles; and this, in turn, causes physical change in the tissue construction.  You will see, then, that it is only necessary to engage in thinking on a given subject to compel either a partial, or a complete change in your own physical body, or any part of it.


Positive thoughts of a constructive nature, if persistently practiced, will overcome and eradicate destructive, negative thinking.  One who has developed the habit of fearing imagined probabilities must force himself to engage in thinking courageously.  “What if it does happen?  I shall be ready to rise above it!” is the conscious attitude which will eradicate fear thought.  Or, “No doubt I am sick, and this is a serious condition, but ‘I’ CAN and WILL correct it, and regain my health!”  Or, “I shall make my position with this Company more secure by giving closer attention to my duties, and do this job better than it has ever been done before.”


Such thoughts of Power and courage will take root, and the thinker will be inspired to develop even greater Power, and Life and affairs will begin to appear in an entirely new perspective - for Life will have a new meaning for you; and you will soon begin to realize that you have been renewed, joyful, expectant of the Good, and energetic.  You will begin to sense possibilities and opportunities to which you were previously quite blind, and which seemed to have no meaning for you.  You will begin to refuse to listen to others who offer advice and suggestions, and you will begin to Think for yourself, and reason.


The thoughts with which you have impregnated your mind and affairs will be radiated to others with whom you come in contact, and they, in turn, will help you onward in your Forward March to the Success you desire, because they will admire you because of your independence and ability.  Thought is, you KNOW, a mode of motion - a definite rate of vibration - and Right thinking is as contagious as is wrong thinking, or the measles.



“Birds of a feather flock together,” which is why you may have noticed that there are very definitely two classes of people- the “leaners” and the “lifters;” the leaners are the fearful, who almost constantly seem to expect the worst.  The lifters are the ones who seem to serve well, and help others, and bring cheer and confidence into any situation.  They are the producers.


As a Positive Thinker, you will attract to yourself new and different associates, which is why it so often happens that a man, or a woman, will suddenly “pull away” from his, or her, old associations, friends, and acquaintances, to “go it alone,” and leave those who knew him to wonder why he discontinued his visit and associations with them.  Your new associates and associations have an effect in changing your environment, your ideas and your desires, so that by the simple practice of controlling your thought processes you change not only yourself, but your environment, circumstances and conditions of life; and which is more, you may often change your close associates in their habits, for the better.


These changes in our life are induced by the psychic nature of the Real you, in your material (mortal) life and affairs; in other words, by the omni-conscious mind element; and because of the omni-conscious mind element; and because of the omni-conscious power of selection, organization and direction, cannot be automatically mechanical as is subjective, or subconscious activity.


The Soul - You, The Reality - in at-one-ment with Infinite Intelligence - in party, or degree, within you - possesses the natural faculty of Memory because of Its potential omniscience (The Infinite Omnipresence Being All-knowing, All-understanding and All-powerful), and therefore records all experiences It encounters in Its evolutional progress and organization of Itself on ever higher planes of Being.  It carried memories of Its previous Being on lower planes into his earth-plane in Its reincarnation; and It will carry the memories of Its experiences to the next plane of Being, because the memories are indelibly imprinted in the subconscious.  Herein you will see the necessity for Personal Development while Here, to as high a degree of Knowledge and Under- standing as may be possible.  You The Reality, cannot stand still in evolution.  You must either progress or retrogress, and What You are to Be and Become in the higher planes ahead on the cycles of he rounds, will be commensurate with What You make your-Self to Be Here Now.


He who seeks to learn as much as possible about the things of Life, the Arts and the sciences, History, Geography, Economics, and Business and the professional interests in which he may be engaged - and then seeks to KNOW THYSELF, will become unbeatable.  Let me go a step further and say - without fear of successful contradiction - that even in the absence of a formal education, or scholastic learning, the individual who will devote a fair amount of leisure time each week, in attention to the pursuit of knowledge and Understanding of The Self, the at-one-ment of All Life and being, and the creative nature of Thought, will never be handicapped in progressive development, the attainment of the good things of Life and the enjoyment of Life Itself.  The Knowledge of Self and spiritual Being is he basis of All Knowledge.  This is why many persons without any formal education have succeeded far beyond their more formally learned fellows.


I have know men who could not write their own names - made an “X” for their signatures, which were written by witnesses - and several of them were wealthy men - owners of good properties and very good businesses.  I have often wondered just how much formal education means in the life and affairs of one who knows HOW to think and Reason and Plan.


Herein you will note the hereditary function of memory, which is the directing force within living organism; for undoubtedly such individuals as those indicated, who did not, or could not, enjoy what is called formal education, had been either well educated, or highly capable, in a previous incarnation and he subconscious of all of them was possessed of intuitive Knowledge omni-consciously in this plane.


In some instances this hereditary principle manifests as fear - due, perhaps, to unnecessary worry, or doubt, or skepticism, and because of conscious contact with, and too much concern about, the objective world of conscious humanity, which is nearly always in error.    Fear is an emotion and, consequently, is rarely amenable to Reason.  One can fear his friends and members of his family, as well as enemies; or fear he Present and the Past as well as he future.  Therefore, if and when you become aware of conscious fear, you MUST eradicate it at once before allowing it to become an obsession.


Reason will not help you to overcome this sense of fear, because fear becomes a subconscious faculty, as a product of the emotions.   There must, then, be another way to eradicate this mental error - and the correct way is to arouse the Solar Plexus into response and action.  If you have practiced the deep breathing exercises explained in Lessons of Volume 1, you can expand the abdomen to its limit; and that is the first step in practice.


As in all breathing exercise, assume a position which is relaxing and easy; then inhale as deeply as possible, through the Positive nostril; then still holding the breath for a second or two, try to draw a little more air and carry it to the upper chest, by drawing in the abdomen.  This effort will force the blood circulation into the head and face, flushing the face slightly.  Hold this breath also, then for a second or two, and then, still holding the breath, deflate the chest and expand the abdomen.


Do not exhale this breath at all, but still holding it, alternately expand the abdomen (while deflating the chest) and the chest (while deflating the abdomen) rapidly, from four to seven times in alternate succession.  Then exhale.  The fear will have vanished from the consciousness.


If, however, the fear thought does not leave you immediately, repeat the process until it does.  You will find that you will soon be feeling quite normal again.  And  there is a definite reason for it.  This breathing exercise concentrated a the “pit” of the stomach, affects the great ganglion of the Sympathetic Nervous System lying exactly opposite, called the Solar Plexus, which is largely governs the circulation of the blood.


In stimulating the Solar Plexus you release the nerve currents, and renewed circulation re-establishes muscular control.  The breathing through the Positive nostril creates positive electro-magnetic currents, which flow down the positive channel of the spine, while the breath entering through the Negative nostril sends negative electro-magnetic currents down the negative side of the spine.  These currents of electromagnetic force are transmitted by way of the nerve centers, or ganglia, of the Sympathetic Nervous System.


In a physical sense we literally “live and move and have our being: in the influences of the Solar System.  The Sun not only gives off heat and light, but actinic rays which radiate to all living things.  The Solar force, or energy, is a positive influence against the human physical system; and is often enervating to those who Breath-flow is incorrect.  When the Breath-flow is allowed to continue for any length of time (corresponding to the Septimal Cycle - that is, for seven minutes, fourteen minutes, twenty-one minutes, twenty-eight minutes, seven hours, etc. - as multiples of seven) through the Positive nostril during the daytime - sunrise to sunset - without an alternating flow through the Negative nostril, to offset the positive deteriorating influences of the Sun, the individual may become unduly fatigued, or even ill.


The same is true of the Lunar rays influence during the night time - sunset to sunrise - in an opposite way.  If he Breath-flow continues through the Negative nostril during the night and early morning - whether during sleep, or activity - the effect of the Luna negative influences are depleting to the body.  All this is explained in your Lessons on the subject of Correct Breathing earlier in this Course of Training.


My thanks to you for this visit and “chat” with you.  It was nice being with you spiritually, and I am grateful for the visit and your attention.



Your servant and friend,



Dr. Hugh G. Carruthers, B-11