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May 2019

I hope this Letter and Chat finds you Happy, Well and Peaceful as the Buddhist Mindfulness Meditation says.  Actually such a meditation is an excellent reminder for us to always be Mindful of our thoughts.  And, as we know, those things which we think about .... talk about ....

read about ....  or spend any amount of attention on ....  Are the same things that will continue to show up in our lives.


So I am imaging that you all are enjoying whatever weather you are being blessed with whether you are in the Northern Hemisphere were it is Spring; or in the Southern Hemisphere where you would be experiencing Fall.  Likewise with whatever current conditions you are experiencing.  I like using the word imagine or imaging rather than visualize. While both are similar, for me imagination allows for more of our faculties such as our sense of taste, smell, sounds, touch and feeling in addition to sight.   Here in the mid-west we were spring enough yesterday for me to plant some vegetables, herbs and flowers.  The next couple of days not so good, but late in the week I’ll be back at it.


I’ve started reading a book some of you might enjoy, it is The Energy Codes by Dr. Sue Morter.  Dr. Sue is one of the instructors in a program I signed up for this year.  It’s presence on my bedside reading table and work with familiar Breathing Exercises has me re-reading those important Lessons from Volume 1 regarding the Science of Breath [V1-17 through V1-24] and brings the student into the second  Volume which covers the lessons on Physical and Mental Health.  A number of our students will be receiving Volume 1-17 this month and next.



I would like to thank all of our Members and Chela who are timely, consistent and generous in  their support to our Society.  Realizing that I am as much in the “old technology” as Ruth was when I returned home to help her with this work in 1994, 25 years ago!  She was using an IBM Selectric typewriter and today, I’m still using a computer and making copies to send you via snail mail!


In the March Chat Letter I mentioned that we will be digitizing the 142 Lessons not currently available electronically.  I am getting bids now on Scanning these lessons so our Lessons can be available for download from website and possibly to reformat in book format for print on demand.  If any of our Members are involved in this type of publishing and distribution and interested in learning more, please contact me.


Again, on the subject of Thanks and Appreciation, we continue to get notes accompanying donations.  I received a card this past month which simply said: “This is for April & May, I love this Course.”  And there are others who need reminding from time to time of the importance of their contribution in maintaining the support of our Society.  I will be getting notes out in the next couple of weeks to those we haven’t heard from for many, many months.


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I know that we all are being guided and lead by the Masters, Guides and Elder Brothers as we progress on our Path together,




Rev. Anne B Schmitt, Director















               Hugh G. Carruthers






Prior Right Established 1959, by     

Hugh Greer Carruthers, B-11





My beloved Chela:


As promised during our Visit and Chat two months ago, I should like to try and explain HOW TO PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE LIFE toward which every individual is evolving, and which is an inevitable experience in the existence of every living thing.


You are advised by the clergy, the psychologists, and the philosophers that the surest way to find Yourself prepared for a future life when You are summoned to respond and experience the change from physical to spiritual Being, is to "live each day as though it were to be Your last."


I cannot wholly agree with such a negative attitude.  My philosophy, based upon a rather enjoyable, lengthy experience in close association with Masters, Adepts and Initiates and fellow lamas during my preparation for this Mission, is to live for the future fulfillment of My own spiritual development to the highest possible degree of self-mastery in this earth-plane existence, so that I shall be as well prepared as possible to enter upon, and assume, My responsibilities in spiritual Being in My future astral life on each new plane.


Whereas the mass of humanity have been taught to believe that they are living, simply because they are conscious of the self and objective humanity about them, the fact is that every individual is in process of dying.  The human, and every other phase of earth-plane life, begins to die the instant he and it begins to respire.  NOT life, but death, begins with the first inhalation, and from that instant the physical body which the spiritual Man occupies, is in gradual process of dying, or inevitable eventual expiration, through use, exertion, wear, and deterioration because of age.


I have never prepared to die!  I have always been preparing to LIVE - Today, Tomorrow, next Week, next Month, next Year - and as far into the Future as may be possible, Here, and There.  To that end I have tried to improve this and every body which I occupy, so that instead of gradually deteriorating, it may, by degrees, be improved, UNTIL, because of age and use it must inevitably become no longer useful to "ME,"  its Occupant.


I advise, and suggest, that you prepare to live!  NOT to die!



The ancient Masters taught HOW TO LIVE and HOW TO THINK; They NEVER instructed Their Chelas, or pupils, to prepare to die, nor to live each day as though it were to be their last day in the earth-plane.  They did, of course, advise Their pupils to give due regard to the inevitability of death, and the Roman philosophers in their time caused the motto to be written on scrolls, or at the head of treatises on the subject.  Their instructions were:  "Tempus Fugit; Memnto Mori," which, translated into English means, "Time is fleeting;"  (or, if you please, "Time flies,")   "Remember Death."


Prepare to live!  Give little thought to Death.  The rewards of Future achievements are for those who are prepared for them.  Avoid the negative attitude.  Develop a conscious awareness that this world is a  "living" world.  We see it on every hand.  All Nature points to Life.  We look toward the Spring season, because we know from experience that it is the season of "beginning;" the rising of the sap in the trees and plants; the budding of blossoms; the reawakening of ALL life.


You are judged every day be those who know you, or those with whom you come in contact; by the way you live; the attitude you present; your opinions.  Try to make your life an example - a pattern you would want your offspring, your students, your friends, neighbors, and even those you do not know, but who observe you - to emulate for their improvement and betterment.

You are judged by the way in which you treat others; after all, the secret of successful living is the ability to get along with other fellow humans.  You are often judged by the habits you have developed, which you display.  If you have developed habits which may be unpleasant to associates, try to overcome and eradicate them.  If you have developed habits which are harmful to you, your physical well-being, your business or professional life, or your social standing in the community, or your domestic affairs at home with your mate and children, or in-laws who live with you, strive to overcome and eradicate them.  Try to avoid the formation and development of habits which may be unpleasant or distasteful to others.


You will be judged by others for many, varying traits of character; and it is a fact that first impressions are often lasting; and we should, therefore, try to present as pleasing an appearance as may be possible and consistent with good sense.  It has been said that "clothes do not make the man," but conservative attire and grooming go a long way to help; clean clothing, inside and out; frequent bathing, manicured, or clean finger nails, clean teeth, polished shoes, clean hands and a clean mind, go a long way to establish the belief that a lady, or a gentleman, is present. Try to be as well groomed as your purse allows, and you will more often be judged favourably; and you will feel better, and have a sense of satisfaction.


You will be judged by your facial expression; therefore it will be well to cultivate a smile - a genuine smile - which develops itself when you "love your neighbor as yourself."  And a real smile is one which engages not only the mouth and lips, but the eyes as well, for it is true that "the eyes are the windows of the soul."


But do not be too quick in judging others.  The famous, enjoyable comedian, Joe E. Lewis, relates a truthful story which points a moral.  Joe tells that one night, while performing at the well-known Copacabana Night Club, in New York City, he was attracted to one of the patrons seated close to the stage.  As Joe related each story, and told each humourous anecdote, or joke, this patron never smiled; his face seemed to remain in the same leering expression; and as the minutes flew by, and the patron in question did not smile or respond to any joke or story,


Joe gradually lost his sense of balance; and finally, just before he left the stage, he moved closer to the seated patron and remarked:  "Don't you ever again attend a show I am doing.   I hope I never see you again in an audience."  And with that, he walked off.

A few minutes later there was a knock on the dressing room door of Joe E. Lewis, and when his groom opened the door, there stood the man who did not smile at any of the stories Joe had told, which had been convulsing the rest of the audience.  As Joe looked at him standing in the doorway, the man asked, "May I come in for a moment?"  And Joe replied, "O, sure, come in."  The man entered and, with the same facial expression - not a hint of a smile, he told Joe that he had suffered an accident some six years before, which necessitated surgery, and left him unable to change the expression of his face, regardless of reasons.  He could not smile; but he told Joe, "I thoroughly enjoyed your wonderful performance.  I try to "catch" every show you do, but tonight I couldn't be seated anywhere else, because I was with that party, and the Maitre D’ seated us close to the stage.  I hope you can forgive a man who cannot, but would like to, smile whenever you perform.  You are, in my opinion the greatest of all comedians."


In relating that episode one night, in his dressing room at the famous Chez Paree in  Chicago, Joe said, "My heart sank within me.  I felt so ashamed."  And we all believed him, for Joe is a remarkable man as well as a wonderful comedian.  And he is also one of your Fellow Scientists; so whenever you may be seated in an audience of Mr. Joe E. Lewis, be sure to introduce yourself and shake the hand of a grand fellow who KNOWS HOW to apply the principles of this remarkable Knowledge.


We are all born with faces; we make our facial expression.  Barring accidents, our facial expression usually gives evidence of the state of mind we have developed; so you see how you may be judged by your facial expression.  A ready smile makes you a more pleasant person; other folks will respond as a rule to your pleasant smile.  It is often a "passport" to almost any company or situation - and may prove to be the "key" that will "open many doors" which might otherwise have remained closed to you.


You may also be judged, correctly or otherwise, by your spoken words, your remarks, your conversation - by what you say when you speak.  Best to be conservative; truthful, a good listener, and yet a pleasant member of the group; well informed, able to reply sensibly and explain intelligently when called upon.


Avoid "bluffing;"  "bragging,"  or trying to appear to be what you are not.  Thinkers are usually quick and discerning.  Be smart in being silent as much as possible.  "A still tongue gives evidence of a wise head."


Always try to be a "Go-Giver," and serve and help others whenever you can do so without doing violence to yourself, your opinions, or your position.  You serve best when you help another to depend upon himself.  You rarely help another when you lend money; more likely you tend to weaken the character of the one to whom you lend - and invariably you not only lose the friendship of such an one, but the amount you loaned, as well.


The late Mr. Elbert Gary, wealthy steel executive, once approached by one who thought that friendship should allow him to seek to borrow money, refused to extend the loan requested, and in so doing explained to the would-be borrower:  "The President of The First National Bank in town told me that if I would not lend money, he would not attempt to manufacture and sell


steel in competition with me.  You see how impossible it would be for me to extend the loan you ask for."


Then he bade his friend be seated and said to him:  "You and I have known each other for many years.  I would not ask you to lend me money under any circumstances.  I would seek a loan through a bank, or a Loan Broker, rather than risk denial, or loss of your friendship, or impairment of my character - which is my greatest asset.  Much as I would like to be helpful, I am certain that if I gave you the amount you ask for, it would have to be an outright gift, rather that a loan" - and with that he withdrew his personal cheque for ten thousand dollars and made it a gift, without any terms of repayment - saying, "This is a gift.  If you never return the amount I shall not suffer; if you ever do repay me, I shall not only be happy for your trust-worthiness, but for your great strength of character, which I shall always admire."


You are now in earth-plane existence; in preparation for promotion, or for evolvement, to your Future Life in spiritual Being.  You CANNOT evade the inevitable; you MUST experience the Change from physical being to spiritual Being.  You can expect exactly what you have earned, or developed.  It is Your Life.  Your Life is What you Make It - and you make your Life what it is by the quality of the thoughts which you entertain, or create, from time to time in your conscious mentations, because your ONLY Power is creative thought-power.


You - and you ALONE - are responsible and accountable for Your Future.  I disagree with orthodoxy regarding the nonsensical false teaching about damnation and relegation to a mythical place called "hell" in expiation for so-called "sin," because the so-called "sin" depicted by the clergy is NOT "sin."    "Sin," they say, is wrong action - evil committed; and wrong action is NOT a Cause; it is an effect, or result, of wrong thinking - which is the actual Cause.  Therefore "sin" is - as The Great Jewish Master and "Saviour" of the ignorant self-styled "Christian" world said of it, "wrong thinking."


The ecclesiastical hierarchy states that damnation and punishment for so-called "sin," is the "Will of God," and they know no more about God, or "hell,"  or "heaven," than you know - and that's NOTHING.  The Master advised, "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, and inwardly are ravening wolves.  By their fruits you shall know them."  What fruits?  Deceit?  wrong teaching?  damnation and relegation to a mythical "hell?" threats for disobedience of church dictation?  brain-washing? - or promises of a blissful "heaven" in a Hereafter about which they know nothing whatever.


Very few Christians know that Mary, the Mother of Jesus, bore Joseph four other sons and at least two daughters - AFTER the hierarchy of the Church claims her Immaculate Conception and virginity at the good offices of a "Holy Ghost," (whatever that is, or may be)  (see Matthew 13:54-58)


Millions of Identities have awakened in astral from and Being to a discovery of the deception.  During Their earth-plane life they dared not think independently, contrary to the "double-talk" and false teachings, lest they be relegated to the priestcraft-created "hell" of damnation; only to awaken to a realization of the Truth that the so-called, deceptive "hell" of the priestcraft was nothing but a state of earth-plane consciousness, existing ONLY in the horrible, fiendish imagination of the priestcraft - and without foundation in fact.


So, the surest way to find yourself prepared for a Future Life after You have relinquished, and departed from, the no longer useful body which You now wear, is to live every day for a Better tomorrow, and a Better, more capable next Week, and next Month, and next Year, and as far into the Future of this earth-plane existence as may be possible, without fear of The Hereafter, or After Life.


No living individual knows the day, hour, or moment he may be summoned.  Fortunately The Infinite Intelligent Omnipresence called God (or Law of Cause and Effect)  NEVER reveals to the individual mentality such information.  The ONLY One in earth-plane existence, or Being, Who KNOWS when He is to be summoned, is The Elder Brother (Initiate) Who is operative Here for the personal guidance of Those who seek The Truth; and That ONLY because He occupies a physical form for His use among men - and He governs His life and affairs Here accordingly.


The Christ knew that He was NOT to expire on a cross.  He gave evidence of that fact on the cross, when He told the condemned thief bound and suspended beside Him, "Tonight thou shalt be with Me in Paradise."  (unconscious of all this deviltry and punishment) He was also aware of it when He was revived by Nicodemus, the theraputist of the Order of Essenes, the twenty-first day after His punishment on the cross.  The records at Changu-Nahrain in Nepal prove that He expired there in the ninety-sixth year of His remarkable life.


The hierarchy of the Church dares not tell the Truth to their docile, blind-believing, ignorant adherents, for if they did, they would lose their victims so quickly as to completely destroy the Church - which is already in process of gradual, and eventual demise.  As individuals gradually become aware of the Truth, and learn of the nefarious practices of the priestcraft, they "drop away" and refuse to continue to support the false teachers.


Few persons, if they knew for a certainty that they were to die within the next twenty-four hours, could, or would, be indifferent to the fact.  There is a sobering and compelling influence in the conscious consideration of Death which leads one to give attention to himself, whether or not he is, or has been, of a religious trend of mind.


Of course, if you have not considered Death until the doctors tell you they cannot do any more for you, you may find yourself wholly unprepared.  Pause now, and ask yourself what essential values you have developed in life thus far.  What do you possess in yourself that cannot be taken away, nor lost, no matter what happens - and which can be of continuous use and service and value to you NOW as well as hereafter?


If you should suddenly be deprived of all earthly values and possessions, and physically removed from friends, relatives, and those you love, and who love you - taken to a new environment entirely, and equipped with a new body form, recognizedly similar to the body you are now wearing, but free of any deformity, what would you yourself bring with you with which to face this great experience?


It would have to be developed qualities of soul, in your conscious awareness, together with a memory of all past experiences and the abilities which that past experience and afforded you.  If your life had been filled with hate and greed and lust and prejudice, your Soul would be burdened and hampered with these influences and emotions and feelings, and, since like attracts like, you would find yourself gravitating to levels of intelligence and low soul development similar to your own.


Whereas on earth, money has been power, in the impersonal economy of nature Knowledge of Self  IS Power.  What you do not know about your self can definitely harm you and retard your spiritual growth.


Your judgement, or opinions, of others in this life may have been based upon their social standing, rather than character.  In fact, today, there is a widespread disregard for character-building as a purported asset in life.  It is NOT often the spiritually endowed person who wins the race for material gain.  He is usually surpassed by many who are inferior to him in development, who have ruthlessly "trampled" him underfoot by their employment of dishonest, unfair, and even "strong-armed" tactics to "get there first."  We often hear the expression, "It doesn't pay to be too good!"


We are not far removed, as humans, beyond the primitive man.  He robbed, and slew with a club to gain his desires on earth, but we, with our greater intelligence, have vastly improved on his methods.  We now threaten whole nations of  people with atomic bombs, military might, or economic pressure if they oppose us.  We blacklist and smear, accuse and misjudge, or annihilate, any individual or group of individuals who disagree too strongly with us, even though they may speak the truth.


Church and State are now beginning to give evidence of the long preparation for lining up for the battle to the death throughout the world, as witness the ruthless activities of the Jesuits and the Communistic leaders of the USSR.  Unless a very marked, and miraculous, change comes about in the mass consciousness of mankind within the next septimal cycle (seven; or fourteen; or twenty-one years), Man's long struggle up through the Darkness of ignorance may end in another "long night."


Those who seek to dominate must destroy or subjugate intelligence.  They must destroy man's freedom of thought and speech; and what else has been going on throughout the world?  The self-appointed "leaders" of men have not recognized the basic truth and principle that, "To be free, one must first let others be free."  Thus, they would engulf and take whole nations of people into bondage along with themselves.


Since you are alive today in a world so abounding in wonderful possibilities for the physical, mental and spiritual advancement of mankind, you must also be mindful that there was never a time in our recorded history when the future of Man has been so threatened.  There are tremendous forces at work in the world, motivated by hate, which, unless checked and their destructive feelings eliminated through new understanding, will most certainly precipitate a Third World War.


Whether or not you, as an individual, wish to remain isolated from what is happening on this planet, new methods of communication and the independent economic relationships which exist today, will draw you into this situation sooner or later, and compel you to do something about it in self defense.


Consider the mental and emotional venom which is daily pouring into the stream of consciousness which is affecting all Mankind.  It is as though the sewage of wrong thinking were being dumped in a great reservoir serving all humanity, and this pollution of the water were reaching every individual as he taps it by turning on the faucet of his own consciousness.  It is almost impossible to escape the taint of such wrong thinking, even though you may be far removed from its source.


What is happening in Europe, in China, in Palestine, Israeli, in Russia, in Africa, and elsewhere is having its repercussions here and throughout the world.  Evil thoughts and actions and conditions spread like a plague.  Men are abusing the great creative Laws of Cause and Effect of the Universe, creating individually, through wrong thinking, all manner of wrong, undesirable results which are leading, unless soon corrected, to their own destruction.


Not realizing the great power of creative thinking,  we have been seeking to eliminate the effects brought about by thought rather than getting at the Cause which is Thought itself.  Once thought has led to giving form to ideas, these forms will continue to exist until their originating thought has been changed, or eliminated by a new, more desirable Cause.  Then the old forms must die for lack of nourishment and support.



It is impossible to oppose thought with armed might.  Victories may be won on the battlefield and lost in the peace conference, with thought remaining unchanged.  Ignorance and prejudice are only removed and replaced by Knowledge.  Money cannot, in itself, buy a change of heart, or a change of mind, or unearned loyalty.


Another war will most certainly come in due time, unless humans everywhere gain a new and better understanding of their relationship to each other, their actual kinship in consciousness, their realization that each is responsible for the other, and an increased appreciation of the value of human life.


There is a need for another Moses, another Christ.  The Eder Brothers of Humanity strive to reach the consciousness of humanity, but only a Few humans are developed, or capable of "receiving," perceiving and accepting Their intuitive guidance.  The average person cannot even concentrate, nor visualize, let alone telepathize, or psychologize.


You and all humans are therefore presented with a great challenge which transcends in importance your individual interests and desires.  The problem with which world leaders are actually confronted, if they but knew it, is HOW to reach the mass consciousness - cutting through iron curtains of prejudice, hatred, and ignorance, and giving it new concepts so powerful, so appealing, and inspiring as to change the thinking of these peoples through eliminating the terrific tensions which exist in certain world sectors and which are nearing a breaking point that will eventually engulf all humanity.


It has been difficult for Man to visualize himself as being a part of any other consciousness, or thing, beyond the boundary of his own physical body.  He has likewise limited himself in concept to the boundary of the country in which he lives.  His thinking in strong nationalistic terms has caused him to resist co-operation beyond a certain point, with citizens and governments of other countries.  He has fought to protect his boundaries from encroachment and violation as he also fights to defend a trespass upon, or abuse of, his own person.


Eventually, an United States of the World must come, in which the freedom-loving rights of all humans are protected, and all concepts of boundaries separating different colours and races from each other are removed.  It will then be possible with the present race and colour tensions relieved, for each race and colour to devote its energies toward self-development and to grow in harmony through the realization that we are all equal in the sight of God, or The Creative Principle, or Infinite Omnipresence - whatever our individual faith; and that we are Here to serve one another, to the end that the "Heaven" of Peace and Happiness we seek may exist Here as well as Hereafter.


The feelings of fear, suspicion, distrust, and the clash of conflicting ideologies can bring only chaos in time.  Your future life on this earth-plane, as well as in the Life beyond in the astral plane, will be affected by what is materializing in the world today as a result of this great turbulence in thought.  The mental forces at work are so potent that they are beyond the reach and influence of any church or government or factional appeals, however sincerely and powerfully presented; mainly because leaders of Government and of Church are themselves ignorant of the truth of the creative natur of thought, and the spiritual at-one-ment of All Life and Being.


The United Nations body, however highly motivated in its organization, is comprised of a group of men and women representing essentially the selfish interests of their respective countries and striving to accomplish world co-operation though diplomatic wrangle, debate and compromise.


A new intelligent Force is needed in the world - the Force of the human spirit, untouched by the influences of special interests, prejudicial attitudes, specific hates, religious intolerance, economic aggression, political ambition, and unyielding ignorance or desire for domination.


Could this human spirit be so liberated in the minds of men, it could free the world in an incredibly short time by changing the motivation of Mankind, making its regenerating influence felt in high places and low.  The Soul of Man, (Omni-consciousness) unadulterated and given an opportunity to express Itself, possesses an unerring sense of Truth and Justice.


It is only when Man attempts to divide up the Truth, and segregate and distort it through organization, that he loses the very thing he seeks.  The Truth cannot be bounded by the walls of a church, the confines of a college campus, the laboratories of science, the laws of a land, or the covers of a book.  It is as Free as the principle behind it and, if trampled to earth, will rise again in the spirit of Truth-seeking men.


It is unthinkable that a large percentage of humans on earth today desire another world war; and yet their thoughts are being turned in that direction by every means at the disposal of the hierarchy and its secret representatives in different parts of the world who have been busily engaged  in seeking political leadership for no other purpose than to dominate mass thinking, in their fear of Communism.


Humanity must all assume a share of the guilt in this horrifying trend toward mass human destruction.  The world leaders, largely influenced by crafty, evil thinkers, have continually sought to cure the ills of humanity - as must be emphasized again - by dealing with effects instead of causes.


The vital need is a World Planning Board comprised of citizens from every country who are dedicated to One objective - the preservation of individual human rights everywhere, and the improvement of human relations.  The very nature of this consideration would cut down through hypocrisy, red tape, deceit, the aggressive nature of unscrupulous Governmental officials, religious demagoguery, and special interests, and set up a program of cooperation between peoples for the betterment of all, such as the world has never seen.  This, too, must eventually come with the sanction of all governments and the realization that without such a step only chaos can result.


Realistically, however, it is too much to hope that governments, and the ecclesiastical hierarchy, would agree to such a simple, direct, sincere, practical, and understanding approach to the solution of world problems.  This would mean a by-passing of rulers, diplomats, and all those prejudiced by positions of power in church and state and business.  The very idea in our present stage of civilization would bring violent protests from the heads of these different groups who are only interested in changing the world to suit their own objectives and convictions.


There is no inference intended that some leaders in church, state, business, and all walks of life are not fine-charactered men and women, but their serviceability to the world as a whole is limited for the most part by the very positions they occupy and the fixedness of their thoughts concerning these positions.  This is a natural human concomitant of all past experience and development, but we have arrived at a crossroads in human evolution on this planet which requires a clearing away of old concepts, old ways of doing things, and old rock-ribbed alliances and zones of influences, either for or against nations, which gave birth to new enmities and new wars.


But if it were possible for all world leaders and the world powers they represent to put aside this interest in self for a genuine interest in the whole of Humanity, then each self would be immeasurably benefitted thereby.  Such thinking and such points of view must come into the consciousness of Man before he can lift himself from the mire of his own creating.  He must learn to "love The Lord (Law) thy God (Guide) with all consciousness, and his neighbour as Himself."


The inability of most of the world leaders to adjust their differences in ideology and to establish a common basis of understanding and cooperation, freed of fear of aggression and suppression of human rights, will eliminate all possibility of universal brotherhood in our time and, perhaps, for a long time to come.  The two destructive "isms" of our time are both equally evil, and must be eliminated or subjugated if world peace is to be established.  We are constantly subjected to propaganda against Communism by the Church, and against bigoted religion by the Communists.  We are between the two forces of Fear and Hatred.


Regardless of conditions, whether good or bad, you must have the courage to live and rear your children with the right concepts of life, so that the next generation will be able to reach higher states of  self development and spiritual Knowledge.  Your greatest protection, at all times, is your concentration upon the things and experiences in life which will develop in you lasting values; the kind of mental and spiritual qualities which bring inner happiness and satisfaction - and of all such things there can hardly be any greater value than your developed realization of your spiritual At-one-ment with Infinite Omnipresence, or God, and your appreciation of the creative nature of Thought, which enables you to be a creator of causes for the


manifestation of your desires in your life and affairs, without regard to religious ideologies.  The Lord our God is One God; therefore we are all of One Father.


So equipped, you can face whatever is to come with faith and fortitude; knowing that even death will find you not wanting in the Soul properties which can make Your entrance upon a new life a truly great adventure.


We know beyond any doubt, the harmful influences of wrong thinking upon the average individual and his life and affairs; how wrong thought vibrations set up destructive chemical reactions in the body and brain, creating and infusing actual poisons in the system; how ill will and hatred can cause and compel sickness in the body of the wrong, careless, thinker, and affect the mental and physical health of those who associate with him; and how wrong mental attitudes of world leaders can so influence a people as to bring about world wars.


It is not the development of atomic power which thinking men fear; it is the use to which wrong-thinking men may decide to put atomic power which frightens and appalls them.


With but a "slight pull on the reins" this evident juggernaut (or jagganath) could be veered away from the destructive road on which humanity has been so perilously traveling, and set correctly on The Path To Peace - BUT ONLY by the influence of mass creative thought carefully controlled by Right-thinking peoples - and herein lies our portion of the gigantic task of helping those about us to consider and recognize the Power of Creative Thinking.  Your fellow men, everywhere, are prospects for this Fellowship.  Why not send names and addresses to us so we may send them literature.

If you try to keep in touch by daily newspaper, radio, television, and other available sources of information, you may be astonished to note the bias, prejudice, and propaganda which is evident in all classes of publication.  And yet you HAVE an undeniable Source of guidance WITHIN you - called Intuition; and when you learn to depend upon your "Father Within," you will quickly come to the realization that That Inner Guidance IS infallible IF you will but trust and obey It.


Let your own inner spiritual sense of Truth and justice determine for you what is true or false in what you see in print, and hear via your radio and T-V set, or in your own daily experiences.  Do not permit yourself to be drawn into any hate or prejudice groups or opinions under any guise whatsoever.  Hold your mind as free as possible of all destructive thought.  Refuse to sign (put your signature to) and document, or instrument, no matter how important it is made to appear.  Keep yourself free from the possibility of any eventual accusation, or prosecution.  Try to develop; and maintain, a love for all humanity - the weak as well as the strong; the evil as well as the just - for all men are actually your brothers in consciousness, and in Spirit.


There is every kind of evidence that you are an individualized, segmentized part, or degree, of The Infinite Omnipresence we call God, or That " I ," in physical form on this earth-plane of Life, with opportunity as a creature of Free Will and Free Choice, to evolve Your own Soul (Self) through self-development, as you meet with the varied experiences Here and in the next successive experience before you.



Progression is endless Here and Hereafter.  It is not dependent upon religious orthodoxy, nor social status, nor Belief; it is a matter of your own recognition of Your spiritual at-one-ment with The Source of Life and Being, and the outward expression of The Inner Person, as Personality.


Once established on the evolutionary Upward Path, you will gain an ever greater awareness of Your Identity, and the part You Are to play in The Great Plan.  But keep in mind that you are just as much in Eternity NOW as You will Be after death - or as ever You will Be.  You CAN Be as close to your God, or your "Father," or The Infinite Being HERE NOW as You will ever be.  Your Soul is not only Your link with The Infinite, but Your Identity (" I " -deified-Entity) in existence.


You Are Here for a definite purpose; and You will continue to Be for the Same definite purpose; and You CAN serve God in Man Here as well as There then.  In so doing you will find that you are engaged in LIVING, and aiming to help in bringing "the kingdom of God" on earth where you Are, or may Be.  In so doing, you will find yourself best prepared for the After-Life  in spiritual Being.


Do not make the mistake of imagining that preparation for the next Plane of Being is in living each day "as if it were to be your last."  Live every day with full expectation of being able to serve The Infinite and your fellow men for as long as may be possible for you; and you then give attention to caring for and developing the body You are wearing, free from distress, for a long, enjoyable Service to others.  And May The Infinite and our Elder Brothers On The Path care for and guide you perfectly.


One final word; he who fails, or experiences distress of any nature, can blame himself for failing to CONTROL his thoughts.  The creative nature of Thought makes this faculty of Mind our most valuable asset.  STOP entertaining ideas of failure.  STOP imagining you cannot Have Whatsoever You Desire!  You CAN -IF you will dare to make mental pictures of the object, or objective, of your desires.  It is as simple as that.  Why complicate It with Doubts?


If you desire the love of another - your mate, or whoever - simply think Love into the consciousness of that one; and AFFIRM his or her Love of you.  If you want a more desirable position, or job, or responsibility, "SEE" yourself occupying that post; if you desire a home of your own, "see" the house and the grounds, walk through its rooms, see the outside and inside - and KNOW that it IS yours - for the very instant you create the mental picture, you have created the Cause, and your desire immediately develops - in etheric solution - and IF you hold fast to that Thought, you MUST receive the materialization.


The surest way to find yourself prepared for the next Life plane, CONTRARY TO ADVICE AND COUNSEL OF THE PSYCHOLOGISTS, is to Order your thinking in the realization that the ONLY actual Time is NOW; therefore, NOW is the correct time to KNOW that "What things soever you desire, when you pray (when you concentrate and visualize your desire) BELIEVE that you receive them (because you do, the instant you "see" them) and you shall have them."  This is Law; Natural Law; Cause and Effect.


Therefore, the surest way to find yourself prepared to Live in the spiritual plane just ahead, in astral Being, is to LIVE NOW in expectation of LIVING Tomorrow, and next week, and next month, and next year - and as far into the future Here as may be possible; then, when the infinite summons comes, you will be ready and well prepared - and you will NOT know anything about it until You are standing outside the body you are now wearing, in the company of Those Who brought the summons to you, and ready to guide You on to Your New Way of Life.


You entered into the body You are now wearing, without the slightest sense of pain; You will depart from it in the same way.  A Natural, merciful Intelligence - men call Providence, or God, or by many other names or titles - numbs the senses as the Life Principle "takes over" and prepares to leave the succumbing physical wreck from which You are about to depart.  No living individual has ever observed a dying body suffering pain.  There is no pain during the last moments of this existence.  What sometimes appears to be pain, is but the physical convulsions of the "numb" body, whose brain has become insensitive; and the Soul Which is only awaiting the opening of the portals to "My Father's Mansion," - the astral "Hall of Initiation."


Think!  Reason!  How could a dying physical body feel pain?


The Soul - You, Your Self - cannot feel any pain.  You and The Father Are One; therefore where You are is also The Father - and Where The Father is, there CANNOT be error, or pain, or evil.  Accept the beautiful invitation which William Cullen Bryant so sensibly proffers in His "Thanatopsis," and


“So live that when thy summons comes to join

The innumerable caravan that moves

To that mysterious realm, where each shall take

His chamber in the silent halls of death,

Thou go not, like the quarry-slave at night,

Scourged to his dungeon, but, sustained and soothed

By an unfaltering trust, approach thy grave

Like one who wraps the drapery of his couch

About him, and lies down to pleasant dreams."


One thing Remember:  There is NO Death!  No pain on leaving the body; nothing to fear!   It is a wonderful experience!  I know - for I have had the experience many times.


My love and good wishes are with you.  I daily prayerfully Affirm your continued well-being in His, and Their, care and guidance.


Your servant and friend,


Dr. Hugh G. Carruthers