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November 2017

My Dear Friend and Fellow Member,

Summer seems to be gone here in the Northern Hemisphere and winter is pushing it’s way into the forecast.  I resist.

On the positive, it is almost Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is primarily an American holiday, although a number of other countries have set aside a day to celebrate thanks for their abundant supply.

I am grateful for my continued health and vitality.  I am grateful for good friends old and new ..... for learning new things and deepening my understanding of Life .... for having new insights and gaining clarity .... unexpected income and good in all forms ..... for new networking partners ..... the opportunity to do some Sunday guest speaking .... and thankful to share my good with others.

I do hope that your gratitude list is also growing.  Gratitude continues to grow when we cultivate it and purposely feed it.  Perhaps it is time to really Believe your good is here now.  Put your heart into it.  By that, I mean your emotion and your feeling nature.  We must be like - that is to act like the Master Teacher Jesus who looked out at the barren field and saw it white with the harvest.

Say not ye, There are yet four months, and then cometh harvest? Behold, I say to onto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.  John 4.35

The secret to the Law of Attraction is more than “being positive”. We must actually Believe it, and be able to SEE It ALREADY COMPLETE, for when we do that we will have ACCEPTED it in our life.

Gratitude leads to joyousness and the feeling of being Blessed.  Much like happiness and joy, the state of feeling blessed can only be experienced when it moves through us.

Most people confuse Happiness and Joy.  There are not the same.  Happiness usually comes from some Thing outside of us.  Like a relationship, or an object such as a new house or clothes.  Those things can make us happy temporarily.  Joy is much different.  Joy comes from within.  From trusting that we are always cared for – that all our needs are meet – and Knowing that God is always with us and always has our back.

When we practice gratitude for all our needs being met IN SPITE OF appearances, we are cultivating a deep sense of Joy.  And that is a Blessing.  Blessings come to us when they move through us.  There is no other path way. They must move through us so we must be OPEN to receiving them.  Grumpy is not being receptive.


Doctor Carruthers’ letter this month is rich as usual. He speaks of the subconscious and how it is part of the ‘Mind Within’ also known as The Father Within. [page 3 of this month’s Chat]


As I continued to review the Chat Letter, I was struck again by what I was reading.  I was thunderstruck by one passage in particular as it hit me like never before, and it is something on which I will need to contemplate for a while.  Part of me wants to share the passage, but you - I Know will find that passage or another which will strike you and cause you to ponder, contemplate and come to a deeper Truth in your understanding.


It is hard for me to believe that it was 26 years ago [in October] that I returned to Illinois to help Ruth with this Society.  She was still using her IBM typewriter to type the lessons. The old Gester which for years printed the lessons from stencils which Ruth typed was put to pasture - parts were no longer available.  We invested in new equipment and have continued to do so.


Our fiscal year ends in September; I just got our corporate tax filing back from the accountant and it doesn’t look so good - we finished in the red.


The one thing that has not changed much is the fact that our members are our best advertisement and source of new members.  Our members tend to be like you, aware, thirsting for Knowledge and for more understanding of the Mysteries. They are people who are eager to learn and willing to do the inner work. The vast majority are in their 40s and above when they join and many live in Europe and Canada as well as the United States.  Many of our members have already completed our 16 years worth of Lessons - some two or three times.



I am asking that you think of those in your life who would be interested in and would benefit from this Course Training and ask if they would be interested in exploring the ancient mysteries as presented by The Theological Science Society. If they are interested, let us know and we can send them introductory information.  Information is also available on our website and they can sign up and get the first lesson via email right away.  We will follow up with them from there.   Referrals are our best form of advertising.


Secondly, there is a Facebook page which one of your fellow members put up for us.  She is no longer able to post regularly; and I have started posting quotes from the Monthly Chat Letter once a week or so.  The page is called ‘Friends of Dr. Hugh G Carruthers’... here is the link:  Please like the page and invite those who would like and appreciate it to like it as well.

We have also included our annual Christmas envelope as some like to plan ahead.


And now, it is time to turn to our Monthly Chat Letter for this month.


Thank you, thank you for our love, support and prayers. I am so blessed to be on this path with you.   And so grateful to have you in my life.


Many blessings for a bountiful Thanksgiving and joyous Holiday Season,


Rev. Anne B. Schmitt




















Prior Right Established 1957, by:

Hugh G. Carruthers, Founder-Director;

The Theological Science Society, Int.

The Hugh G. Carruthers Foundation.

  (Rabind Rama Bodhisat, I-A, (X1) 






My beloved Chela:


As I transcribe our "chat" of this visit, I am aware of much for which I have cause to be thankful; but above all else my gratitude is not for any material, or tangible, possession, or asset.  I AM grateful to The Powers That Be for what the late William Ernest Henley identified in the first stanza of His immortal poem, "Invictus".


  1. "Out of the night that covers me,

Black as the Pit from pole to pole,

I thank whatever gods may be

For my unconquerable soul.


  1. "In the fell clutch of circumstance

I have not winced nor cried aloud.

Under the bludgeonings of Chance

My head is bloody, but unbowed.


  1. "Beyond this place of wrath and tears

Looms but the horror of the shade,

And yet the menace of the years

Finds, and shall find me, unafraid.


  1. "It matters not how strait the gate,

HOW charged with punishments the scroll,

I AM the Master of my Fate;

I AM the Captain of my soul."


I would share my thoughts with you; so, come in, won't you? Come in and be relaxed and comfortable in that easy-chair, and let us chat, and enjoy this visit together.



The Pilgrims who came to this western world to escape the tyranny and persecutions of religious bigotry which had been allowed to develop in the Old World of Europe, established the custom of "Thanksgiving".   [Thanksgiving has been celebrated nationally on and off since 1789, after Congress requested a proclamation by George Washington.  In 1864 President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national day of "Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens," to be celebrated on the last Thursday in November. Rev. Anne added]


I contend that EVERY day of every year is, or should be, "Thanksgiving Day," - and it would be so IF the mass of humanity knew the Truth of Being - for then mankind would have something for which to be truly thankful.


Shortly after they had brought their ship to anchor on the Eastern coast of what is now the State of Massachusetts, they knelt in prayer and thanksgiving to their God, which they believed to be afar off somewhere in the skies, for that was their belief - as it still continues to be the blind belief of the mass of Christian humanity.


To have dared to defy such unprovable blind belief, or to exhibit enough courage to dare to suggest that - as their adopted "Saviour" had stated - "the kingdom of God IS WITHIN you,"  (as see Luke 17:20) would have been little short of suicidal; because the history of that period tells us that they "ducked" any one of their number in the river, and pilloried in stocks, those who dared to disagree with them.  It seems they had forgotten the bigotry and persecutions to which they had earlier been subjected.  There was no such privilege as free and independent thought and speech.


But we have evidence of somewhat similar inanities today.  Perhaps one of the most difficult of things in human experience is the development of courage and decision to dare to defy established custom, unprovable blind belief and acceptance of unworkable false teachings (see Matthew 7:15-20).


Since the earliest "Dawn of time" (which means, from the earliest awakening of conscious awareness), the individual childish mentality - plastic and easily moulded to opinions and suggestions - is assailed with what is called "instruction," which forms what is called "consciousness," and which develops by degrees into blind belief of what the individual has been taught, or told.  Nearly all forms of so-called education are based on "borrowed knowledge " ...what has been known before" - very little knowledge is a result of creative ideas, or logical reasoning.  The average student is NOT educated; he is graduated - and there is, I think you will allow - a difference.


The gradual development of the self-consciousness is also the development of the personal subconscious mind - which is that level, or plane, of mind "under," or "beneath," the self-conscious; hence the identification as "`sub' - conscious."  Every thought held in conscious attention is impressed into the subconscious, for the reason that the subconscious does not question, argue, or doubt; it accepts readily whatever is "given" to it by the conscious mind.


The subconscious is also subject to, and a definite part of, the Higher level, or spiritual, Mind WITHIN - often referred to as the innate, inherent, inner Mind.  It is, in fact, What The Master Teacher referred to as "The `Father' Within," (see Luke 17:21) and identified by the ancient Occult scientists as "I,"  Which AM That "I".


An easy comparison will serve to explain further: "I" AM The "Spiritual Mind" Within, Which is a part, or degree, of Infinite Mind; and What Paul referred to in His 1st letter to His friends at Corinth, as see 1st Corinthians 6:19, which I quote: "What?

Know ye not that your body is the temple of the `Holy Spirit', Which is IN you, Which you have of God, and you are not your own?"


Another identification of your innate, inherent, Inner spiritual Mind is to be seen in Genesis 2:7, which I quote:  "And the Lord God (Law) formed man of the dust of the ground (the elements of earth - for that is what your mortal body is composed of), and breathed into his nostrils the Breath of Life; and Man became a living soul." (Cause and Effect)


The Truth is that You are NOT a body.  You occupy the body You are now wearing.  You ARE a spiritual Being in existence.  Your identification of Your Self is "I AM `I',"  and when you realize that you did not create Your Self, you may appreciate the fact that you - (the mortal being) - were created for occupancy by You, The spiritual Being, to BE the "living soul" in the body.


The Omni-consciousness is identified as "I" - and the realization of Your Self leads you to further Know that "I AM That `I'" Which John stated IS "One with the `Father'"  -  as see John 10:30 and 10:38.


The identification of your conscious awareness leads you to recognize your conscious, mortal self as "Me."


The mortal, self-conscious "Me" is connected with, and One with, the Omni-consciousness, or Infinite Mind WITHIN, by the sub-conscious mind which "stands between" the mortal and the spiritual Mind.  It is therefore the Reception Center of all conscious thought, much of which It passes on to the "Father" Within for action, and on which the Omni-conscious Mind acts - regardless of whether your thought has been negative and destructive, or positive and constructive - which proves that "God is no respecter of persons."  You reap what you sow; you get what you give.  You are actually a creator because you are constantly consciously creating the Causes of your actions, and manifestations of results of your mental processes, for health or illness success or failure; peace of mind or confusion; or for personal well-being or conscious distress.


The subconscious mind may be likened to a room having two doors - one on either side; the one door affording ingress of conscious impressions, and the egress of expression and intuitive counsel and guidance; the other door being the channel between the self-consciousness and the spiritual Mind or Omni-consciousness.  Hence the reason why  The Master Teacher ALWAYS gratefully Affirmed His recognition of His innate, inherent, INNER Source of Power and Intelligence whenever He sought to heal, or cure, or instruct His disciples, or auditors - as see John 11:41, 42 -


"....Father, I thank Thee that Thou hast heard me.

(42)     And I KNEW that Thou hearest me always; but because of the people which stand by I said it, that they may believe that Thou hast sent Me"  (to demonstrate My Knowledge of My spiritual at-one-ment with You) - that whosoever believeth on Me, the works that `I' do shall they do also.



This Knowledge of the Occult Laws and for their use and direction in ALL your affairs, is to be found in the Bible - the Old Testament and the New Testament; the ONLY requirement is that you allegorically interpret this remarkable Wisdom, instead of blindly believing false teachers and allowing anyone to do your thinking for you.


Every day CAN be a Day of Thanksgiving for you IF you will but recognize the Truth of your spiritual at-one-ment with The Infinite Omnipresence, or God, in part, or degree, WITHIN you.  According to your degree of ability to recognize and outwardly express Your Inner Knowledge of Your own natural Intelligence and creative Thought-power; and, as you proceed to assimilate this instruction which you are receiving in our Course of Training for Personal Development, you will be more and more aware of That "Something" Within by the recognition, understanding, use and direction of Which - in your thinking - you CAN easily "Be" and "Become," and "Do" and "Have"  "what things soever you may desire." (see Mark 11:24)


This Knowledge is not new; It is as old as the history of Man and the world.  It merely seems to be new, strange and doubtful because of the false teaching to which the mass of humanity have been subjected by the minority who have dared to do the thinking for the masses, for the purpose of keeping them in fear and subjection to the Will of the false teaching ecclesiastics - of whom The Master Teacher bade you, and His disciples, Beware, (as see Matthew 7:15)


(15)                             "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly (in their deceitful intentions) they are ravening wolves. (seeking their own welfare and power to rule, by your blind belief and support and maintenance, in their parasitic idleness, without producing anything of value for you and your kind)


(16)                             "Ye shall know them by their fruits. (by what they produce for your benefit, or, rather, fail to produce, or give to you) "Do men gather grapes  of thorns?  or  figs  of   thistles?"


Read on, verses 17, 18, 19 and 20, and see what He meant.


The great Jewish Master Teacher of Galilee promised freedom, peace and plenty for your Knowledge of the Truth of Your Being in spiritual at-one-ment with God, Which He called "The `Father' Within you."


The false teachers promise you a "heaven" of bliss for your obedience to their religious dogma - HEREAFTER - about which neither they nor you know anything whatever.  And if you fail, or refuse, to obey their doctrinal mandates, they threaten you with an eternal damnation and torture in a "hell-fire" about which they are equally as ignorant.  The price of blind belief and docility is ignorance and darkness and, of course, distress and failure in all your ways - whereas The Master Teacher assured you: "You shall Know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free," from fear, worry, lack, limitation, illness misery, poverty and failure.


In the course of my formal education and later personal training I learned what I have since been able to prove to my own satisfaction and happiness; to wit - that There IS a very definite, definable "Something" Within Which, when I have consciously identified My Self with It, IS my unerring Guide in All my Ways, and for any and every purpose.



Many centuries before the Book we now know as The Bible had come into existence as a record and history of a people, there had been other Civilizations which had developed, flourished and perished; but not without leaving records of their existences, and their wisdom and practices.  The earliest known of these was the Lemurean Empire, whose large population occupied a continent called "Mu," which was a vast land area occupying what is now known as the Pacific ocean.  The Lemurean Empire was ruled by a group of Scholars, Mystics and Masters know as the "Aristocracy."


From what can be learned of that great Empire, the Aristocracy ruled and guided the people intelligently and with justice; but as is true of every known group, religion, school and nation of time, there arose among the people those who desired to become leaders, and failing to achieve their aims, set about weakening and finally destroying what they could not obtain justly.


It has been well said, "The mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind exceeding fine." Suddenly, without warning to the people - but of which the Mystics of the Aristocracy had been aware for some time - a cataclysm destroyed the entire land mass of the Empire, leaving no trace of any of its inhabitants, excepting Those Who had some time before migrated to other parts of the earth - as the Atlantean Empire; the Empire of the Aztecs, the Empire of the Incas, and the land of the Algonquins in the Western hemisphere.


The Atlantean Empire occupied that vast land mass, or continent which is now largely the Atlantic Ocean.  It was likewise ruled by an Order of Mystics and Masters, headed by the Emperor Poseidon, and the Chief Priest Osiris.  As we have seen in Lemuria, there arose a group of would-be leaders who sought to wrest control of the Empire from Its mystical Leaders - very much like the group calling themselves the "Gnostic Doctors," of a later time, sought to wrest control of the Occult Lodge from the Masters, Adepts and Scholars of that era.


The Gnostic Doctors were successful because they deceived the people into believing that they could better manage and rule; and by promising all manner of conditions to the people.  After a time, a group of the Gnostic Doctors began to intrigue and scheme to wrest control of The Occult from the rulers and leaders, and after they had succeeded in deceiving the people, and had gained control they established themselves as The "Holy Fathers;" and they set up what has since developed into a religious cult, which later developed into the "Holy Roman Fathers," with a code of rules and regulations, which the mass of the people were unable to overcome; and thus was born the "Holy Roman Catholic Church," which has been keeping its followers in fear by threatening a mythical "hell" of damnation and eternal punishment for so-called "sin," and promising the bliss of an equally mythical and unknown "heaven" for blind obedience to ecclesiastical authority.


About three hundred years before the cataclysmic destruction of the Atlantean Empire, the Chief Priest, Osiris, knowing that the Empire was to be utterly destroyed, migrated to Egypt, where He taught the Egyptian priestcraft and the rulers - known as the Pharaohs, the Mysteries - for which He was deified and made a god.



The ancient Wisdom of Osiris and the Lemurian Aristocracy was developed into what became The Wisdom Religion, based upon the Mysteries of the kingdom of heaven and Man. The chief requisite was the study of Self, and the slogan was "KNOW THYSELF and thou shalt Know thy God."


The Pharaohs and Egyptian priestcraft sought to preserve the ancient Wisdom by teaching their chosen scholars and pupils who showed promise; out of which class rose the Ptolemys.  Ptolemy 1st started the foundation and collection of a Library in a huge edifice erected in the city of Alexandria; and His successor, Ptolemy 2nd collected the manuscripts and papyri on which most the Wisdom had been transcribed, for the Library.  It contained nearly all of the recorded history and recorded Wisdom of that era, and was said to have been the most magnificent collection on earth.


In the reign of Pope Constantine the Alexandrian Library was sacked and burned, and most the collection of Knowledge was said to have been destroyed, but respected scholars have since stated that practically all of the manuscripts and scrolls were afterward being studied by librarians in the Vatican Library, in Rome; having been transported there by Constantine's associate priests.


We who are seekers after The Truth may well be thankful to the Lemurean Aristocracy and to Osiris, the Atlantean Mystic and, later, to the Master Melchi-zedek - because the religions and philosophies of the ancient Chinese, the Hindus, the Brahmans, the Buddhists, the Assyrians, the Persians, the Greeks, the Egyptians, the Hebrews, The Christians, and the Moslems - have all derived from the ancient Wisdom Religion.


To correct a few of the letters which have come to me, let me explain the title Brahman.  A Brahman is a Hindu of the highest, or sacerdotal, caste.  Brahmanism is the pantheistic religion, or the system of doctrines and institutions of the Brahmans and orthodox Hindus.  Socially, the great institution of Brahmanism is the caste system, for many years dominant throughout India, and in spite of the devotion and efforts of the late Mohandas Gandhi, it still survives.


Brahmanism is thought of as being a collection of Hindu myths, but it is one of the oldest and most profound religious philosophies of the earth.  Brahma is recognized as the First Member of the Hindu trinity; The creator, Brahma, (neuter gender - that is neither male nor female, but the combination of both) or Brahm, as It is also written, denotes The Supreme Soul, or Essence of the universe, and is conceived as comprising the trinity: Brahma-Vishnu-Siva - or Brahm, Vishnu and Siva. Brahma - pronounced as with a "long" "a" - when recognized as masculine, is the personification of the supreme Brahm, and is conceived as the Creator of the world.


Here you will recognize the similarity of the Roman Catholic "blessed trinity" of "Father-Son-Holy Spirit," or as they put it - "Father, Son, and Holy Ghost," which was lifted wholly out of the philosophy of the Brahmans and the Hebrews - but changed slightly to teach the Roman Catholics that their trinity is of God, Jesus, and the Spirit of Christ, or the "sacred heart," to suit the teaching of the Church; BUT with no reference to the individual's spiritual at-one-ment with the Infinite Omnipresence, or God.



When one logically understands that "the kingdom of God is Within," (in Mind) and that the individual IS truly spiritually One with The Infinite Omnipresence, or with That Which is known as God, one no longer fears damnation, nor a "hell" of eternal torture in expiation of what the church erroneously called "sin."  The provable Truth is then understood and the intelligent individual KNOWS, and easily proves, that his God is truly WITHIN him, in his Mind and Thought, which is the creative Cause of his environment and the condition of his life and affairs from time to time, in accordance with his habitual and predominant conscious attitude.


If and when conditions are distressing and undesirable, the individual knows that it is a silly, negative gesture to plead with and supplicate his imaginary God for relief, for his understanding enables him to realize that in order to change his affairs from distress to happiness he need only change his habits of thinking, and so create Cause of new and more desirable conditions.  Results will be all the proof he will require; and he will quickly learn "the Truth that will make you free."


The very first Lesson of the Course of Training for Personal Development, or Self-improvement, through SELF KNOWLEDGE, explains that simple Truth, and promises revelations to the one who will devote time and attention to these instructions.  Lest you may have forgotten that part of the Lessons, let me re-state and refresh your Memory and, perhaps, inspire you to give more attention to your own Personal Development:


There is WITHIN you a "slumbering Giant;" a Giant so subtle, so dynamic, that you are for the most part unconscious of "His" (Its) silent activities.  This Giant is your "Other Self," - The Self That IS WITHIN you; the Self you should seek to understand and express.


When you understand, and have this Giant work for you, the shackles binding you to fear, worry, lack, loss, limitation, discord, illness, misery, poverty, failure, or other form of distress, are cast off and you emerge FREE to rise to your true estate of Lifelong Health, Happiness and Success.  This is the condition referred to in the Admonition: "Lest ye be born again ye shall in no wise enter into the kingdom of heaven."


It all depends upon you, the time you are willing to expend in attention and application so as to devote yourself to the enjoyment of the fruits of a successful life.


In these visits which we shall have together, you will be taught not only WHAT you must do, and WHY you must do so, but HOW to do what is necessary for your Personal Development.


The author of this Course of Training is also the Founder of The Theological Science Society, Inter-national, which is the Mission in and to the world of humanity for the extension of the principles of Knowledge of the ancient Wisdom, or Wisdom Religion, known to and taught by the Masters and Adepts of the Lodge of Mystics - and from which All other known religions, sects and religious philosophies have risen.


The Knowledge which is to be revealed to you in this Course of Training is NOT a theory.  Your Teacher and Guide has proved in His own life and affairs the Truth and Effectiveness of the principles of the Knowledge he imparts.  What he has achieved has been accomplished by several thousand others in one direction or another - which you CAN - if you Will - Do also.



The Truth that makes you free is not, by any means, a recent discovery.  Twenty thousand years ago Osiris taught It to the Egyptians, who deified Him as a god.  It was symbolized and given symmetrical form in the Great Pyramid of Gizeh.  The Sphinx has puzzled the most sagacious mentalities of history with Its secret: "The Truth of the Power of creative Thought in Silence."


Prince Siddharatha, Who became the omniscient Buddha - the personification of human greatness, was said to have been the perfect example of this Truth. So was Confutes, Whom we commonly call Confucius, Who made the Chinese civilization with a philosophy of Love and Service.


So was Jesus, the great Hebrew Teacher adopted by the Christian world as their Saviour, Who brought It to Its greatest simplicity, lightening the hearts, and easing the minds of those who found solace in it - bringing a new hope to humanity - the majority of whom has missed Its true import.


And on down the Ages, man has insisted upon searching for the principle of his true Being.  Searching here and there and everywhere, he has failed in his quest largely because he has depended upon teachers who have been doing his thinking for him - and these teachers have misunderstood and therefore misinterpreted - or have not known - the secrets and the wisdom of the world's wise Ones Who gave the Truth to the ancients, as The Wisdom Religion.


The Wisdom of the Ages, however, was agreed on the Truth that you have within you a Mighty Power - call It what you will - ready, willing and even anxious to do your bidding, regardless of whether your bidding is Right or Wrong. This Power Within is your ONLY Power in this life, and It is easily capable of bringing into manifestation in your life and affairs whatsoever you consciously desire - IF and WHEN you correctly apply the principle of creative Thought Power - Which is Cause and Effect.


This Power WITHIN has been described in many different ways, and by various names, depending upon the teacher or delineator, but ALL agree, philosophically, religiously, scientifically, or otherwise, that The Power Within is definitely defined.


In religious  thought we have such names as  God, Jehovah, Buddha, Allah, Brahma, etc., and we note that Jesus referred to The Power Within as "The Father," declaring: "`I' and The Father are One; I am in The Father, and The Father in me." John 10:30 and 10:38.


In psychology and metaphysics we have scientific explanations attempting to describe That Inner Power such as Mind, Super Mind, Subjective Mind, Intellect, etc.  You only need to remember what William Shakespeare wrote in His Romeo and Juliet: What's in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet.  The name ascribed to The Power WITHIN means little, if anything.  The point is that you must come into an understanding of That Inner Power, locate It WITHIN You, in your subconscious Mind, and then learn to develop the ability to express It from within you, - as Thought and action - in your everyday life and affairs, for the benefit of yourself and all others with whom you come in contact in your objective life - IF you would be Powerful and Successful.



The Understanding of The Power Within will naturally lead to your Personal development - that is development of your Inner Person which, when outwardly, or objectively, expressed becomes what is commonly called "Personality."


After all, Personality is nothing more nor less than the outward expression of The Inner Person, and, it will depend upon your degree of understanding of your own Inner Person, or Inner Power, in spiritual at-one-ment with The Infinite Omnipresence, or God, as to whether you will express yourself weakly or forcefully.


The recognition of tremendous Power Within, naturally compels powerful, dynamic, or magnetic, expression.  Remember, too without fear, that the application of the principles of this Knowledge outlined in this Course of Training for Personal Development, will work in the name of your God, any God, or even in the absence thereof.  The name means nothing at all; it is the degree of Understanding of your Inner Power which will enable you to create the Causes of the material manifestation of your desire.


You are NOT alone.  You NEVER can Be alone.  You ARE forever in spiritual at-one-ment with The Infinite omniscient, omnipotent Omnipresence which men ignorantly call God, or by other names - when The Infinite is NOT otherwise identifiable excepting as That "I" Which is within you - in Mind, and recognized in Thought.


When you identify yourself as "I" go one more step and realize that since you did not create Your Self - You MUST have been created.  Having been created, You must be One with Your Creator  -  therefore you may safely affirm, "`I' AM That `I'."  And with John, realize that "`I' and my `Father' Are One.  `I' AM IN the `Father' and the `Father' IN me."


You and your "Father" Within are partners.  You are together in Business... the Business of living, demonstrating and creating - and forever evolving.  Your "Father" is the Silent Partner; you are the active partner.  NEVER - if you have any sense - attempt to Think, create, or act to make manifest any desire UNTIL and UNLESS you "Talk it over" with your "Father."


The Theological Science Society is an international, educational, fraternal, non-sectarian philosophico- religious Brotherhood of men and women in all walks of life; of practically every religious affiliation, and race, and nationality and condition of being, who are interested in and dedicated and devoted to individual and mass Personal Development, or self-improvement, through Self Knowledge, which is true religion.


The Society and Brotherhood is based upon the fundamental principles of Theological Science - the science which explains the spiritual at-one-ment of the individual and The Infinite Omnipresence, or God - and the creative nature of Thought as the Cause of action and of manifestation of environment, association, and all affairs of the individuals everyday life.



We do not erect, nor maintain, churches or temples - because "Your body IS the temple of the Holy Spirit Which IN you, which you have of God." Therefore we do not support nor maintain an useless priestcraft; because You Are The High Priest IN Your "temple" - and You MUST hold yourself responsible for the condition, from time to time, of your life and affairs, in the Law of Karma - which you DO by controlling EVERY Thought, so that you compel ONLY desirable conditions.


You see, therefore, that you ARE a creator - no matter who tries to tell you otherwise. You are constantly creating and re-creating, over and over again in your everyday life, by your conscious attitude - the Causes of your actions and the manifestations your thoughts and actions compel in your affairs.


Think, create, or act to make manifest any desire UNTIL and UNLESS you "Talk it over" with your "Father."


In these days and times, when EVERYTHING you use, acquire, require or seek is so often "out of reach" because of excessive cost, your Fellowship in and with The Theological Science Society Int., is a most invaluable asset.  You do not pay any set fees, nor dues, save your monthly free-will offerings upon which we are totally dependent. Your Offerings go to maintain The Theological Science Society in It's world-wide activity for so many who have been helped so much.  Do you agree with me that we DO have much for which to be thankful?


Yes, indeed, at this season of Thanksgiving we do have reason for gratitude to our Forebears Who discovered and developed the ancient Wisdom  Which has become The Wisdom Religion Which makes ALL humanity Brothers and Sisters in the Fatherhood of God.


I prayerfully affirm that you will enjoy a pleasant Thanksgiving Day, and many more in the golden years of well-being to come to you.  My good wishes and love are with you always, as I think you know.  May the gods love you as I Do!


Your servant and friend,





Dr. Hugh G. Carruthers