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February 2018

My Dear Friend and Fellow Member,


Wherever you are, whatever you may be doing, my wish for you is that you are enjoying every moment of this and every day.  I find that it is particularly important to do that in February; often February is damp and dreary or sunny and a very cold month.  I once even described February as an in between month since it is between snow, boredom and spring.


We live in a fast paced world with so much stimulus that we often need time to simply think or contemplate.   Sometimes, we just need time to do nothing so we can absorb it all –  February and March are an excellent time to do just that. Our Lessons and Monthly Chat Letters are excellent resource for deep thinking.


To be effective ...  useful ...  practical ...  workable,  and have a permanent effect in our life whatever we are studying or learning must penetrate through and beyond consciousness.  It must reach into, and saturate, the habit-forming faculty that resides in and is part of the SUB-CONSCIOUSNESS. [This month’s letter explains how that happens.]


I consider myself lucky to have been the niece of Ruth and Doctor Carruthers - although I do believe that we choose our parents and families.  My parents and many of my aunts and uncles were students of Doctor.  My first experience with affirmative prayer was powerful.  Mom and Dad wanted to move out of the city and buy a house in the suburbs.  Our nightly Now I lay me down to sleep prayer was expanded to include: and Thank you God for our new house in the suburbs with a yard and my own room.  Six months later I started first grade in a suburban school.



Another quick personal story:  I was probably 8 or 9 years old when Doctor and Ruth moved to Florida; my mother had a big party for them the day they were leaving.  When I realized that was the reason for the party I was angry and very hurt!  I recall crying and telling my favorite aunt I didn’t ever want to see her again.  My mother of course was horrified.  The next summer I was invited to fly to Florida with the young daughter of one of their members for a whole month!  We did a lot of Florida vacations after that too.


When our Lessons are read according to instructions, their principles reach deep into this habit-forming realm and proceed to develop and build Sub-Conscious Power and the creative Intelligence within You.  In time, the good habits so formed, automatically govern your conscious thinking and, therefore, rule your life and affairs.  The principle of Theological Science thus become your second nature!


March always seems to arrive so quickly; particularly when we have an early Easter as is the case this year.  For us, Theological Scientists, March is the month we commemorate the birthday anniversary (March 8) of our founder Dr. Hugh G Carruthers.


Being that it is so close to March now, I wanted to include this as well as my childhood experience in my February greetings.   March is an opportunity for those who are benefitting from this Course of Training and who want to help us to help others to send a special gift and remembrance.  And, I trust it is fully understood between us that any special gift is not obligatory but a voluntary act to show your love and appreciation for this work.


A number of our active members have completed our Course of Study (some more than once or twice) and continue to receive our Chat Letters.  There are still some who personally knew Doctor Carruthers.  Ever so often we hear from folks who previously had been members,  some had only had a few lessons, some who were active for 5 years or more and others who had completed the course.  I spoke with one such individual this week who is now re-activating his membership.  It is always good to welcome back those have put it aside for a time as well as those who are joining us for the first time.


Let me just end this part of our visit with a brief excerpt from a letter recently received: “My business is doing well and my health and that of my family are great.  I am eternally grateful for the teachings and guidance I receive from TSS every month over the years.  They have been invaluable.  Thank you for all the good that you do. FD


As you will note this month’s Chat Letter was originally published in 1955.  I know you will enjoy it.


Going to you now my love and best wishes,

Rev. Anne B. Schmitt






Prior Right Established 1955, by

Hugh G. Carruthers Founder-Director

The Theological Science Society, Int.

Division of

The Hugh G Carruthers Foundation,

Rabind Rama Bodhisat, I-A (11)


My beloved Chela:


Before we begin to chat together, let me try to thank you for having me in for this visit; for wherever you may be at the moment I AM with you the very instant you begin to commune with me in this way.  If you will recall our earlier visits, you will remember that I have tried to explain that there is nothing impossible for the determined Thinker, as well as “nothing new under the sun.”   We know today that the powers of electricity and of machinery, as well as mechanical communication as in telegraphy and radio, which the Western world considers so marvelous, were harnessed long ages ago by more subtle means than those now employed by us.


All the powers of the anaesthetic (in referring to hypnotism), and of the electric crane (as in allusion to levitation), could be manifested by anyone who had developed his inner subjective faculties - and all without the use of drugs or machinery.  I tried to show that there is a Law of spiritual Cause and Effect which makes the so-called “successful” accomplishments of the average individual seem childish.  All the methods and systems used by the self-styled business and professionals leaders of our time are but feeble, haphazard attempts to reach conclusions, as compared with the infallible, immutable Laws of the Universe by Which all things are correctly and perfectly adjusted, and all accounts balanced and ruled off.


I should like to call your attention to the fact that the telephone, the telegraph, radio broadcasting, and even television or transmission of objects were known long before they became mechanically useful to us.  The work of Hertz and Marconi merely verify these facts, which were known to the Aryan-Hindoos who worked there principles out long ago.  They found that, as electricity is the most subtle interconnecting force known to Western science, so the mysterious connection between mind and the mind is the great primary force in all the manifestations of hypnotism, suggestion and control of illusion.


I have tried to explain the meaning of the Influence which one mind can exercise over another; and I explained how to contact, and remain in contact with, the Universal Mind (or Infinite Omnipresence) in Which “we live and move and have our being.”  This visit and chat will be given to a revelation of the mysterious connection between all our minds and the Universal Mind.



According to the dictionary, telepathy is defined as, “Apparent communication from one mind to another otherwise than through the channels of sense; thought transference,” or “thinking at a distance.”  The dictionary, or its compiler, however, does not show the true meaning of telepathy, or what it actually is, nor what can be accomplished by the practitioner; in fact, the Western dictionaries, and such sources of information, need to be revised on phenomena relating to psychic science.


There is more in telepathy than mere “thought transference,” or “thinking at a distance;” for those would be no more forceful than a telephone message - apart from the power of the spoken word.  This power under discussion is actually the transmission of dynamic thought-power, which is he greatest power in existence, and much greater than anything as yet known to Western science.  It is really an invisible influence, so subtle, so dynamic, that it is, for the most part, ignored because most of us are ignorant of its silent activities.


It differs from all other known transmitted power, for it is not a matter of projecting a force over any distance, but of the total elimination of Space and Time.  Space and Time have no real existence, except as the ingredients of “illusion.”  They are the imagined “garment” of Maya in which the Universal Mind of The Infinite Omnipresence is clothed for a while so that the actuality of The Universal Law may be manifest.  Therefore, when we penetrate that illusion, we eliminate time and Space, and find ourselves operating upon a plane of Being where they have no meaning. Upon that plan there are no “miles per hour,”  because the unity of All things is realized.


By conquering Time and Space through the piercing of Maya (illusion), we of The Lodge of Mystics achieve intelligently all that may be achieved by the Western world, and more, without the accompanying din of mechanical media, and the hurry and bustle and conscious concern involved.


The ancient Aryan-Hindu Masters discovered and developed the secrets of this great power gradually through the Ages, announcing Their findings and giving proof of Their Knowledge, about fifteen hundred years before the birth of The Christ.  In the peaceful atmosphere of Their lamaseries They devoted themselves, successively, over the centuries to the unfolding and perfecting of Their Knowledge of the human mind and its control, when the majority of humanity were still barbarians living in fear of what they could not understand.


This power was forcefully demonstrated during the Indian Mutiny by these Adepts in locating the English troops, and the British Government was puzzled to know how the information could be known to th Aryan-Hindus long before the knowledge could have been transmitted to themselves.  They did not know, nor were they concerned with the fact, that there are two worlds  - one visible world which we know, and one invisible world which the majority of humanity take no heed, though some of us know it even better than the objective world of the five so-called senses.



However, since the dawning of this Aquarian Age wider discussion of the ancient Wisdom has become not only easier, but more readily acceptable; particularly since the advent of the radio, and the methods employed for communication, and the transmission of knowledge.   Many people of the majority will freely admit that they never could have believed radio possible had they not heard it.  If wireless communication is possible (as we now know it is), then it may well be that ever more wonderful discoveries are also possible; in fact, wise scholars would hesitate to define what is possible and what is impossible.   As The Master Nazarene has said, in agreement with His Predeccessors and Successors, “With men this is impossible, but with God (Universal Intelligence) all things are possible.”  It is, indeed, true that all things are possible, and he term “impossible” is an adjective used only by the ignorant.


If we continue this analogy between radio and telepathy we see that in both there is a transmitter and a receiver, and the fact of communication depends upon the instruments being completely in tune one with the other.  Indeed, when we pursue this principle, we may know that the human individual (mind and body) is a sort of combination radio receiver and transmitter which may easily be tuned into the vibrations of other instruments and individuals for the purposes of communication.


It should be clearly understood, however, that there is a wide difference between radio, or wireless, communication and telepathy; for whereas the wireless receiver must be tuned in to the transmitter before reception takes place, the brain (or conscious mind) of the telepathist CAN gain contact with the brain of the recipient subject by mental determination, or direction and concentration of Thought-force.  He tunes himself to the receiver, instead of the reverse.


Another noteworthy similarity between radio and telepathy lies in the fact that both can be transmitted more effectively between sunset and sunrise (or during night time).  The wireless waves, being vibrations of the same ether as that which conducts the vibrations from the Sun (as the Center of the Solar system), are subject to less interference when he Solar vibrations cease to operate from sunset to sunrise, for there is no undue interference during that period.


Telepathy is transmitted by means of a still finer vibration of ether, and it is known that the Sun sends out rays which change these etheric vibrations during the day, and so make telepathic communication more difficult.  In the still of the night (or during the influence of the Lunar vibrations) telepathy can be practiced even on those persons with whom the operator has no real conscious affinity.   How much easier, then , with one previously engaged for the experiment!  The potency of thought thus transferred is to some extent accounted for by the fact that the minds of most people are more passive during the hours between sunset and sunrise.


You will find difficulty in trying to understand these phenomena as long as you persist in viewing, or thinking of, the Universe as though it were a mass of inchoate forces.  The Universe is a unity ( and “unity” means “singleness,” or “a complex or systematic whole,” or “complete at-one-ment”).  If that were not true it would not be an universe, because the word “universe” means “combined into one whole;” all creation and created things viewed as constituting one system or whole; the creation; the Cosmos.


The Universe we see is a series of reflections of The Infinite Omnipresence, and all those reflections are, of necessity, disposed around That Which they reflect.  Thus, it is that the force which manifests in the Universe is the same force as that which wells up within us in the form of consciousness.  We are in complete identity with the Universe; the life principle within us is identical to the life force which is omnipresent in the Universe.  All Life is One Life; as All Mind is One Mind.


We are not separate from the Universe; we are part of It, and, therefore, we are One with The Infinite Whose reflection (or the reflection of Which) it is, even though we may have allowed our reflection to be dimmed by the shadow of error, or the evil of wrong thinking - which is the illusion of illusions.  So it is that this reflection is a reflection of Thought, by the invisible beams of which we have communion with the Infinite Mind, and through It with all other creatures.


Once we realize this fact we cannot have any doubt about the reality and the power of telepathy, for we must realize that telepathy is not only an existing fact, but MUST exist if the Universe is to be a Cosmos at all.  In other words, telepathy is the invisible influence by which the Infinite controls Its living reflections in the earth-plane.


The Universe is filled with invisible thought-waves, or vibrations, which, as magnetic currents, connect one person with another, or others, through the ether.  In much the same way that the Intelligence which pervades the mind can convey an idea, or conscious command, to certain brain-centers and then, through the sensory nerves, can convey a command to the arm or hand to move or raise itself, so, by exactly the same Law, are the mind-currents, or thought-waves sent out to others.


The human organism is, indeed a most wonderful, though highly complicated, radio, or wireless, set for receiving these invisible thought-waves.  Whereas for centuries scholars believed that thought is a product of the brain, the Masters of the Great Lodge knew that thought is not in the brain, and that Memory is not part of the brain.  The human brain, and especially the pineal gland contained therein, is very like the structure of a wireless, or radio set; and therefore, it would be correct to state that the human brain is a receiving set for the waves, or vibrations, sent out by that universal broadcasting Center, the Infinite Mind (also known as the Universal Mind, or Infinite Omnipresence).


The brain of man is the only instrument for contacting the ideas and thoughts of the Past, the Present and the Future.  The loss of Memory would mean the loss of one’s faculty for contacting the Past; and what is called a good Memory is an indication of a good faculty for contacting the vibrations of the Past.  To be clairvoyant means to be possessed of a similar faculty with respect to the Future.


The clairvoyant can observe a radiance (or halo) surrounding the human head, not to mention that given off by the other mind-centers of the body to which I have previously referred, and which we shall discuss again.  I would call your attention again to the twelfth chapter of the Book of Ecclesiastes (the Preacher) (or the teachings of King Solomon), and especially to the sixth verse of that chapter, which indicates that the Soul, or Identity, or “I” occupying the body, lives within the “Golden Bowl” as the “silver cord” or etheric Double of Infinite being.  When the “Golden Bowl” is broken the Occupant, or Soul is released from corporeal confinement, and, as is shown in the seventh verse of that same chapter, “Then shall the dust (body) return to the earth as it was; and the Spirt shall return unto God (the astral plane of being in the Infinite Omnipresence) Who (Which) gave it.




I can see halos, or radiations, and the position and colours of these halos is intimately concerned with the mental nature and capacity of the individual.  It would not be wrong to state that the halo is the normally invisible glow of that remarkable human wireless mechanism - the human brain.  But do not take this illustration too literally, for I am not attempting to give exact details of a human body as it appears to the eyes of a clairvoyant.  All that I am attempting to do now is to try to help you to realize that there is a more wonderful Truth in these Powers than has ever been guessed by the self-styled “teachers,”  “gurus,” “swamis,” and  “masters” who have come to this Western world to spread confusion rather than enlightenment.


The Truth that the brain is less intimately associated with the mind than has been erroneously taught, removes many difficulties for the earnest Truth Seeker of the Western world.  It is well known that during sleep, or while under an anaesthetic, or in some conditions of the hypnotic state, the mind and the brain are often not in association.  This tends to prove that the brain is really a remarkable wireless mechanism designed to receive the transmissions of an unseen invisible world al about us, and in which “we live and move and have our being.”  You will continue to think with your mind when You no longer occupy Your physical body and brain; and when the body and brain have been consigned to the grave.


Let us think for a moment about what sort of reality lies in the great etheric sea in which these vibrations are set up.  What voices of life and death, of good and of evil, are “broadcasting” into this limitless “sea!”  What awful responsibilities lie with the individual as he tunes in his own mind and the minds of others to receive, or reject, these voices!


And what is the erroneous mental condition w call “madness?”  Isn’t it but the erroneous tuning-in of the human mind by a faulty brain receiving-set, due to some accident of birth, or penalty of karma, or misuse by the”Occupant?”  During my earlier life my work and experience with the insane, taken in conjunction with my experiments upon both the sane and the insane, led me to believe that the latter, as many of them so persistently claimed, were subject to the “voices” of “demons” - evil thinkers Here in the earth-plane as well as in the lower astral plane  - who are “broadcasting” into the subtle ether of Mind.  Who will say that such a condition is not possible?


The unthinking may deride this idea, and ignore the teaching of The Master Galilaean as to the reality of the Demonistic nature of madness; yet I cannot avoid the idea that the insane individual is really a sort of mis-tuned-in wireless station which is receiving the erroneous, distorted vibrations of evil “voices.”  I have head a number of insane men and women explain these “voices,” and have listened as they described the visions they have seen of these “servants of Darkness.”


Give thought to these experimental facts.  Were the “visions” merely effects of previously erroneously developed mentalities, or were they actually the distorted impressions received by erroneously tuned, disturbed mentalities subject to the unseen influence of lower astral entities “broadcasting” into the ether of the earth-plane?




We must try to understand that everything means something, and that even an insane person cannot be lightly dismissed as just a “madman,” but may hold, in his perverted brain, a secret which can be turned to the good of humanity.  If it can be proved that good and evil, sanity and insanity, strength and weakness are effects of wrong turning-in on extraneous vibrations, from whatever sources, then it should be our duty to make every effort toward the correct attitude and tuning of the human psyche.


As may be seen in Ephesians 6:12, Paul said, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”  Could this not mean that we must wrestle against careless, uncontrolled, thoughts?


To fight against, and avoid, these evil forces, one must control the individual vibrations just as is done during hypnosis.  If we can make a normal man see the same things, and hear the same voices, that an insane man sees and hears, then why cannot we help the insane man to become normal by a reversal of the process?  To put this another way, if we do not care to tune in to the program coming from New York, or Los Angeles, why do we not tune in the Chicago, or some other station.


If “demons” can, as it were, “get in” by suggestion, they can also be turned out of the human consciousness by suggestion; for what can be suggested into our consciousness may also be suggested out again.  It may also be said that the disharmony of everyday life which many seem to pick up is really the interference caused by human “receiving sets” functioning inharmoniously, just as the disturbing distortions of a radio receiver may be due to the interfering vibrations of an oscillating or fluctuating receiver somewhere near by.  At the same time, however, it must be borne in mind that the “Powers of Darkness” are a real force, of which there can be no doubt.


For this reason we should be careful to guard our mental processes with great care.  Every thought - whether entertained as a suggestion, advice, or instruction, from another, or created as an idea in our own imagination, should be reasoned, examined and carefully considered before any action is taken.  Regardless of extraneous influences, invisible or otherwise, good or evil, the Truth remains and persists that the control of EVERY thought means the control of every effect, experience or condition in and of our lives and affairs.  And this leads to the conclusion that even though the “powers of Darkness” are a real force for evil in the life and affairs of the careless thinker, they can be avoided, overcome and eradicated by controlled thought.


How unfortunate it is that for nearly two centuries the majority of humanity have allowed themselves to b controlled in blind belief by false teachers and, as a result have been subject to all manner of distress, from fear, lack and limitation, to the ravages of unnecessary disease, misery, poverty and failure in many directions, due to ignorance of the Divine Law by which they might easily have achieved and attained well-being.



How many thousands of otherwise well-meaning persons take better care of their material assets, as their automobiles, chronometers, radio and television receivers, and the like, than they do of their greatest of all resources - their creative Thought-power; the while they carelessly allow all manner of negative telepathized vibrations to affect them in their ignorance of the Power that is dormant within their own minds!


But you who are seeking your own Personal Development as a Theological Scientist will avoid such weakness, and gradually progress into that minority of Thinkers who control every thought, because of your Knowledge that Thought is Cause of any and every effect, or condition, in and of your life and affairs.  In the control of every thought you will be more alert every day to guard your mind and emotional nature against the intrusion of all unwelcome negative “Wireless Waves” of vibration, whether as telepathic thoughts of others, or as suggestion, advise and erroneous instruction.


As you get results of your correct conscious attitude you will realize more and more that your peace of mind, strength and security is gained and developed by your persistence in keeping your thought processes in tune with The Infinite wavelength Which is constantly “broadcasting” what is commonly referred to as God-power.  And the correct conscious attitude for personal development and well-being is in keeping your mind engaged with only good thoughts; thoughts of kindness and helpfulness to others; thoughts of love and sympathy; never for an instant allowing a thought of hatred, or unkindness, to engage your attention; never a deceitful thought, nor a lustful thought to interfere with your developing conscious equilibrium.


When you have become attuned to The Infinite “wavelength” you will notice that you have gained new, greater strength, and a greater power for good over others, and over undesirable conditions.  You will no longer be an ordinary “receiving set,” susceptible to any and every negative vibration “broadcast” into the subtle ether of mind.  You will gradually develop a keener sense of selectivity the while you will note that you have an inner Center of Power constantly on guard to distinguish between even the finest shades of good and evil – and often when you are unaware of Its silent activities.


When you have developed this state of person development, you will also be able to control your thoughts so as to concentrate upon the real values of your life and affairs – the things that matter.  You will be as one set apart – or, of that select minority known to the Masters as the “chosen people;” and the Power you desire will be given unto you; for you shall have begun to draw to yourself the “invisible” Power that is freely flowing from the Infinite Source of Being,.


The Master Emmanuel (called Jesus) Who developed to Christhood, knew and demonstrated this Power in His life, for He accomplished His greatest deeds after He had been alone (upon the mountain) or “lost in the wilderness” of distracting thoughts, in concentration.  And you, if you would be powerful, will discover that you must think alone.  It was while He was alone that the Infinite virtue and power flowed into His, to be given out by Him to the sick and the sinful (wrong thinkers).



If you will refer to Mark 5:25-34 you will see how that virtue was given off from Him for the benefit of the woman who was freed of the plague. (25)   “A certain woman, which had an issue of blood twelve years, (26) And had suffered many things of many physicians, and had spent all that she had, and was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse.  (somewhat like in our present day)   (27) When she had heard of Jesus, came in the press behind (among the crowd which followed after Him), and touched his garment.  (28) For she said, ‘if I may touch but His clothes, I shall be whole’.  (Perfect faith)


(29) “And straightaway (immediately) the fountain of her blood was dried up (the circulation of her bloodstream was corrected); and she felt in her body that she was healed of that plague.  (30 And Jesus, immediately knowing in Himself that virtue (Power) had gone out of Him (because He was a channel for the free flow of Infinite Power) turned Him about in the press (crowd), and said, ‘Who touched my clothes?’ (33) But the woman, fearing and trembling, knowing what was done in her, came and fell down before Him, and told Him all the Truth.


(34) “And He said unto her, ‘Daughter, thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace, and be whole (well, and free) of thy plague’.”


Note that He did not say that he had cured her.  He said “thy faith hath made thee whole.”  And in exactly the same way will your developed faith in the Infinite Power and Intelligence Which IS IN Your Mind, because of Your at-one-ment with the Infinite Omnipresence (or God, if you prefer), free you from any and all manner of distress.


If you choose to apply this principle religiously, you CAN, as did the woman, “touch Him” by conscious contact in concentration on the Truth of Being, and Your at-one-ment with Him and All Life.


On the other hand, if you choose to be strictly scientific about it, you can safely realize that because of the creative nature of Thought, you create the Cause of the effect, or condition, you desire to see manifested in your life and affairs; and in realization of the infallibility of The Law of Cause and Effect, you know that “thy faith hath made thee whole.”  After all, it is but a matter of the degree of faith you evidence and consciously impress emotionally into your subconscious mind, that determines the effect or condition of your environment and affairs.  Nor do you have to “blindly believe” this statement.  You may prove it true by the results of the application of its principle.


The virtue of which the Master spoke was the Magnetic Power (Divine Magnetism) of His Omni-conscious Mind, expressed subconsciously, because of his remarkable Understanding of the at-one-ment of the individual with The Infinite Omnipresence (or God), to Which, or Whom, He referred as “the Father.”


This Secret of Personal Power has been possessed by many individuals recorded in history.  Some had It in a very large degree, and have accomplished much Good for themselves and others.  Many have not always used It for good purposes; but whether for good or for evil, they developed an ability to use It in their lives and affairs.



This Universal Law of Cause and Effect is no respecter of persons; nor is It good or evil.  It simply IS.  The ignorant, careless Thinker will express It erroneously; creating Causes of distressing, or undesirable effects or conditions.  The intelligent careful Thinker will control every thought so as to create only such Causes as must eventuate in desirable effects or conditions.  You ARE a creator, no matter who tries to tell you otherwise, because you , and ONLY you, are responsible for the circumstances, experiences, effects and conditions of your life and affairs from time to time.  “As a man thinks, so is he;”  Therefore guard well your every thought, that your conscious mentations may be causes for good, desirable conditions, and not evil, undesirable effects.


It is a proven Truth that those who persist in evil, careless thinking become at last a part of, and identified with, the evil conditions of the world; for their unconscious minds become attuned to, and a permanent part of, that error which must eventually be “cast forth into Outer Darkness” when The Infinite shall purge the ether of all evil.  (Note: The Bodapartes, the Hitlers, etc.)


Let us, then, as Theological Scientists, be true disciples of The Masters of the ancient Wisdom, so that we understand the Art of Living, The whole duty of man is to assume control of his own consciousness, so that his tuning-in to the Universal Mind shall know the Good and reject evil.  We see clearly, as we continue in our study of Self and control of Mind, that this great Power of telepathy is a Reality of unseen influence which pervades our everyday lives and affairs.


We see that there is a Supreme Presence Power for Good and a polarized opposite condition which we call evil; that we are in at-one-ment with the Source of All Power, and that we CAN control the affairs and conditions which are to affect us, by the simple process of controlling our own thoughts, which are the Causes of conditions.  So it is that the wise individual will tune in constructively on the Infinite wave-lengths and so enjoy desirable conditions; thus avoiding distresses which results from careless, negative demonical thinking.


The science of telepathy is the classified orderly Knowledge which enables us to realize that mind can influence mind; and Mind is the supreme Force we know of in this earth-plane experience in which we live.  As you pursue the Knowledge of this unseen world of Mind you will be progressively aware that the Law of Attraction and Repulsion – as Cause and Effect – is constantly operative in all worlds, and on all planes of Being; and that you CAN control The Law by controlling Thought.  And, as regards Knowledge, remember that “when the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear.”


“Ask, and it shall be given you, seek, and you shall find; knock and it shall be opened upon you;” is the grand promise to be seen in Matthew 7:7.  But you must interpret that assurance allegorically, so that in your “asking” you shall be certain of  “receiving.”  To that end the Master stated, as in Mark 11:24, “Therefore I say unto you, What things soever you desire, when you pray (when you concentrate) BELIEVE that you receive them (ALREADY), and you shall have them.”


This matter of “asking” and “believing” is contingent upon your ability to be conscious of “receiving;” therefore your “asking” must be in faith that you ALREADY have established the Cause which will compel your desire into manifestation; and this is merely a matter of AFFIRMING the Truth of creation.  Affirmation is a form of prayer in perfect faith; and this is established in visualization; for when you can “see” the spiritual pattern of the object, or objective, of your desire, you DO HAVE your desire ALREADY in spiritual form; and the spiritual pattern MUST invariably precede and predetermine results; as note the creative efforts of an architect, or an engineer, or an inventor, before the structure, or the machine, or the useful commodity ever becomes manifest.


A thought eventually becomes the thing.  In John 1:14 we note that “the Word was made flesh.”  Telepathy is the Cause of all things made real.  A thought is so powerful that it will telepathize itself to your unconscious mind until it finally becomes you, or a definite part of you.  A thought telepathized to the mind of another at any imagined distance, will likewise, affect that one in accordance with the purpose, or intention conveyed.  How great is the Power of a Thought!


An individual’s  thoughts depend largely upon what he reads, what he sees, what he hears, and those with whom he associates, as well as the invisible vibrations of his unseen environment.  We usually grow like those with whom we associate, until we become developed beyond our associations.  The Master Thinker, is ever in control, and as a result of His Mastery he enjoys the best that life can offer.  Control is merely a matter of decision to be in control; it is but a Thought applied in principle.


I thank you for your attention and visit with me, and I shall be happily anticipating our next visit together.  My good wishes and love are with you, for, as I have so often explained, every day during my Communion in Silence with you and all our loved ones, and our Masters and Elder Brothers on the Path in the Infinite Omnipresence Who have long since passed this Way, I faithfully Affirm your well-being in development.  I hope you join with me and all our Brothers and Sisters in the Fellowship of The Theological Science Society, International, every afternoon at, or about, sunset when we silently pause to affirm in Thought, “I thank You Father that You have heard me, and I KNOW that You hear me and care for me and mine ALWAYS, in ALL our Ways.”


God love You!


Yours in Him and Them


Hugh G. Carruthers B-11