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March 2018

My Dear Friend and Fellow Member,


I’d like to begin this month by welcoming those members who reached us through our website and are new to our Society and fellowship. WELCOME!  We are delighted that you found us.  Your being here is no accident.  You are now part of a Fellowship with members around the world. If we can be of assistance, please reach out.


For a Theological Scientist, there is much to celebrate in March.  On the 8th,  we honor the Birthday Anniversary of our founder and teacher, Dr. Hugh G. Carruthers.   March 8 is also the birthday of The Buddha; St. Patrick’s Day on the 17th;   the Jewish Passover begins the same day as Good Friday on March 30 this year, and Easter falls on April 1.  So, we are using an Easter theme Chat Letter this month.


We celebrated all holidays when I was growing up - including April Fool’s Day (April 1st).  This always made Easter morning special; there was bound to be a colored egg in the basket that was not hard boiled!



Easter Sunday is one of those holidays that is determined by the phase of the moon and not a specific day of the month.  Easter always falls on the first Sunday after the vernal equinox bringing new life when the easter(n) sun crosses the equator and rises in Aries marking the beginning of Spring.  This is when the earth begins to awaken or resurrect from winter's sleep.


The lion and the lamb always come to my mind on a windy March day such as this one  - March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. We’ll have to see how that works this year; we have two weeks left before spring.


Metaphysically,  lamb means the pure life and substance of Being.  In Scripture the divine life is termed the Lamb of God.  Jesus the Christ is called the Lamb of God.  Metaphysically, lion is courage, fearlessness, initiativeness, and life.  It is also the animal nature.  Hence, we could say that the lamb represents spirit and that the lion refers to matter.  They come together this month as we celebrate Easter.


The Vernal Equinox or Spring Equinox is when day and night are in perfect balance with the powers of light ascending (rising).  Light or the Sun (son) rises up over the equator, that imaginary line which runs the circumference of the earth - the physical plane.  Easter occurs only after the suns crosses the Equator.   The crossing over symbolizes spirit over matter. The perpendicular bar is spirit/ the divine life (the lamb).  The horizontal bar reflects human limitation, the animal nature (the lion) or the world of our beliefs. When the Divine or the I AM consciousness crosses or passes over the limiting human beliefs we have the cruxification.  Before we can have a resurrection there must be a cruxification or crossing over;  we must bring the Divine Presence within us and cross over our limiting beliefs.


Before passing our March Chat Letter over to the Master, I would like to acknowledge and thank those who have already sent a remembrance of Dr. Carruthers’ Birthday Anniversary with a special gift in addition to your March donation.  Thank You, we are most appreciative.


Going to you now are my thoughts, prayers

and love for your well-being,



Rev. Anne B. Schmitt



P.S.  If any of you have tried to reach me in the past couple weeks, I apologize for not responding.  I almost hate to admit this, but my phone is temporarily lost.... I can’t find it.

And I KNOW that it will be found - hopefully soon.












Prior  Right  Established    1959,         by

Hugh G. Carruthers,  Founder- Director:

    (Rabindrama Bodhisat,  1-A., (11)     






My beloved Chela:


It is pleasant to be with you in this way - to visit with you and chat about the approaching Seasonal Holidays as we near the Arc of the Cycle of the "Christian Easter Holy Days," and the Jewish "Feast of the Passover," which I believe we may enjoy discussing.


As we observe the awakening of Spring, struggling for renewed life after the long slumber of Winter, and hear the music of song of our feathered friends which live in the trees and shrubs close by; and even we ourselves become aware of a new sense of Being, and a renewed delight in the awakening buds and green grasses, and the warming, gladdening zephyrs which so lightly touch us to make us aware that, as Robert Browning so nicely said it, "God's in His 'heaven', All's right with the world;" doesn't it seem inconsistent that we should be approaching, and looking forward to, a day made terrible by the story of the death on a cross at "Golgotha," and rising after three days "from the dead" to the splendour of the natural equinoctial event men have twisted into what  is called Easter?


Is this a time when we should be torn between the joy of our spiritual At-one-ment with The Infinite Omnipresence, and our Mastery of the creative Thought-Power which is ours to use and direct as we Will; and the sadness of contemplation of a death struggle of a tortured Saviour of whoever will accept and apply the principles of His Knowledge of Truth that will make you Free?  Can we, in the same consciousness, visualize an infuriated mob and vindictive group of Roman Centurians, jeering and demanding the extreme punishment of perhaps the most remarkable Teacher the world has ever known - the while we listen to the songs of the birds, and observe the majestic grandeur of Nature bursting forth to awe us into sublime mediation?




The Moon shall have come into full prior to the celebration of Passover and Easter.  Tonight as I am in spiritual communion with you, the beautiful grounds of this estate are flooded with the Moon's pale light to give me reassurance that our Father supervises His Universe, or, as the well known Spiritual Singer,  Mehalia Jackson sings it: "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands," in spite of the fact that puny men, in their greeds and lusts and destructive ambitions, and killing, and cheating, and disregard of the Life Which ONLY our Father can endow, are subject to the Will and Laws of Nature, and must one day "join the innumerable caravan which moves to that mysterious realm where each shall take his chamber in the silent Halls of Death" (as the immortal William Cullen Bryant so aptly said it, in His "Thanatopsis")  "While God Goes Marching On!"


And doesn't it seem incongruous that poor, deluded men should observe, on a dark night, when earth sleeps in the cold embrace of Boreas, and when man is least active, the majestic Birth of the Grand Jewish creative Thinker adopted by the self-styled Christian world as The Saviour?


Aye, what more fitting than that He should have been born (reincarnated) into a world of gross ignorance, to bring "Light On The Path" to a long-suffering people at a time when the earth was cold and dreary and the sluggish individual would have been unequal to the appreciation of the "glad tidings of great joy" - and brought, degraded in torture to an ignominious punishment, and a "resurrection from the dead" when the earth fairly sang with joy at the awakening from sleep in its "resurrection from the dead" of winter?


If you become silent for a moment you may hear the echo of His promised assurance:  "'I' AM come that you might have Life more abundant!"  It came to them of old as it comes again and again, as a "Breath of Spring" - a promise of awakening, or resurrection, for all who can understand; for "unless you are born again (in spiritual understanding) you shall in no wise enter into the kingdom of God."  (Your own Omni-conscious Mind)


It promises renewed Life to man and bird and beast, and All of Nature alike.  This Which IS come IS The Word of Life; but the Word is sacrificed by misinformed, deluded men, by the time the Sun crosses the Easter(n) node at the Spring (Vernal) equinox; and we are mistaught that the Bringer of the glorious promise died upon a cross at Easter, and that His Word of Truth expired.  But He said: "consummatum est!"  (It has been accomplished)


But as the echo of a spoken word is returned to us across a cast expanse, so is the Divine Promise of Life re-echoed from the awakening earth - and man and bird and beast are renewed in Love for one another, impelling rejuvenation and regeneration.  The Spirit in Earth-plane is risen to more abundant Life.  So it is that, (mystically) we are shown the birth, death, and resurrection of The Master Man (or Grand Man of the Zodiac) as a spiritual motivation which comes into full fruition at the time of the Winter Solstice (Christmas), going from the earth soon after Easter when "The Truth Ascends Into Heaven," or when intuition rises into conscious awareness, or on what the teachers call Whitsunday.



And they tell us that "it shall return at the Judgement."  So, as we mark the "journeying" of The Grand Man through the Houses of the Zodiac, and the Sun descends below the Equator, through the Sign Libra (the scales of the Balance), when the crops which were planted are harvested, the "descent" of the Spirit of the New Year begins, and this descent is consummated in a birth at Christmas Time.


The ecclesiastical hierarchy has long taught that "The Man" was sent into Earth-plane Being directly from - and by - God (The Infinite Omnipresence) to "suffer" and die "for the sins of the world."  Had the theologians but known how very true were their teachings they might have allegorically interpreted that Truth to coincide with Genesis 2:7, and given to the "Christian world" the Truth that will make you Free in the Knowledge of the Individual Soul's spiritual At-one-ment with the Infinite Omnipresence, called God.


As is explained in the ritual of Initiation, at the altar in the West of a Lodge of Initiates of The Order of Mystics, and also recited in the ritualism of a Lodge of The Rose Croix of Freemasonry, and also in a Lodge of Initiates during a conclave of The Theological Science Society: "When the Supreme Architect of the Universe fashioned His "temple" in our physical form, He used in the structure four chemicals and twelve minerals.  From these He forged a link which binds the Immortal Past to the Eternal Future.  Physical man is like the earth. In fact, he is a miniature world, and the Laws that govern him in every department of his nature are identical with those which govern the earth."


What occurs on a large scale in the life of this planet earth, occurs on a smaller scale in the experiences of humanity.   A planet is the "Temple" of an exalted Being - as "One of The Seven Spiritual Identities" Which surround the throne of the Greater, or Parent, Sun.  The Real Man, abiding in the earth-plane, is also a Spiritual Identity, occupying a physical form, fashioned in Their likeness.  And in much the same way that a planet moves in its cyclic Path about the Sun whence it originated, and from whence it came into Being, so also the Spiritual Man, in human form, moves in an orbit about Its central Source - The Infinite Omnipresence - from Whence It reincarnated to occupy a body.


Planetary orbits are ellipses and, naturally have points of nearest approach and farthest deviation from their Solar Centre.  So also the orbit of the earth-plane Spirituality (occupying a human form) is elliptical; and the Individual is closest to The Infinite Source when his thoughts are subjective (or when he enters into the "kingdom of God" within); and he is farthest removed from his Source of Being and Supply while he is engaged in conscious mentations of earth-plane objective life.


These differences are necessary to the growth of the Soul in Its karmic evolution.  Similarly, as the successive anniversary observances date the recurring events in the lives of great Spiritualities, so our earth-plane births and passings are events of periodical recurrence.  It is as impossible for the ever-progressing Soul, or Identity, to remain fixed and stationary in any one arc of Karma, as for any planet to remain fixed and inactive in its orbit.


The immutable Infinite Law of Cause and Effect (expressing as The Law of Periodicity) which is responsible for the infallible sequence of the seasons of the year; the rotation of the earth marking day and night; the ebb and flow of the tides of the earth, and of the human physical body, also governs the constant progression of the Individual Identity, or Soul, or Ego, in every phase, or period, of Its karmic experience, whether in the earth-plane, or any other plane in The Infinite Omnipresence; for, be it remembered, whether we be Here Now, or There Then, we are forever Entities In and Of The Infinite Omnipresence; and since it is a Truth in Law that it is impossible to remain stagnant for long, it follows that we must progress, however slight our development.  We cannot remain as we Are, at any point of our journey On The Path.


From an earned, or merited, condition of spiritual Being in the astral plane, where we have lived in freedom from the limitations of Time, Space and Degree, where we vibrate in tune with the infinite harmonies of the Universe, we descend in reincarnation to rebirth in the physical plane where, because of a developed awareness of the objective mortal Consciousness, our spiritual sight and understanding is obscured by the finite limitations which bind us to this limited earth-plane existence for the time we are here - unless, through curiosity, or Will, or earned phase of development, we aspire to, and attain, Wisdom and Understanding Which the wise King-Master, Solomon declared to be "the principal thing," as see Proverbs 4:7.


But regardless of whether we attain to any great or desirable degree of Personal development, or not, we finally relinquish the body we are occupying when it becomes no longer useful, and we depart on the wings of the last exhalation to move into the plane of astral Being, where we continue to progress in some degree and either prepare for reincarnation to occupy another "temple," or body here, or progress to another, higher plane of Being; thus we are reborn again and again, and "pass away" again, whether here in this earth-plane, or in another plane.  Every planetary life is but a chapter in the serial unfoldment of the Ego, from the humblest beginning, through increasing development, intelligence and power as we ascend to ever higher and more important responsibilities.  You will recall the allegorical interpretation of this Truth which appears in your earlier Lessons:


"To every man there openeth a Way.

The High Soul climbs the High Way,

While the low soul gropes the low

And in between, on the misty flats,

The rest drift to and fro'.


But to every man there openeth

A High Way and a low -

And every man decideth

The Way his soul shall go!"



It is impossible to conceive of any limitation, save as we ourselves, in ignorance, impose such limits of our achievements; because essentially we are divine and must, therefore, be endowed with the subjective potentialities of Infinite Being, dormant, unrecognized consciously.  Thus we realize the Truth of the teachings of the great Master Teacher of Galilee, which was taught by every Master of every Age, that "the kingdom of God IS Within you."  (Luke 17:21)  When we merit, and have been graduated in full Knowledge of all that this earth-plane sphere offers to our limited finite senses, we shall ascend to a higher, wider karmic orbit of greater usefulness, when our increased capabilities shall have greater, more important expression, as was intimated by the late beloved poet-philosopher Oliver Wendell Holmes, in His "Chambered Nautilus":


"Build Thee more stately mansions, O, my Soul,

As the swift seasons roll!

Leave Thy low-vaulted past!

Let each new temple, nobler than the last,

Shut Thee from heaven with a dome more vast,

Till Thou at length art free,

Leaving Thine outgrown shell by Life's unresting sea."


for this, you see, is the inevitable result of the growth of the Soul in an ever-evolving degree of spiritual Being.


But this is intended to be a chat about the Easter Season and The Feast of The Passover; a discussion of The Christ, and of the Passover Feast of rejoicing and remembrance.  This one is supposed to commemorate the cruel torture and execution, and triumphant resurrection, of the Saviour of Christianity; and the other the deliverance from bondage in the land of Egypt, of the Hebrews.   The self-styled Christian hierarchy (to whom The Christ referred as "false teachers") (see Matthew 7:15) have been teaching since early in the 4th Century that the professed Christian's salvation was established by the ignominious death on a cross of That Just Man; but the ancient Lodge of Mystics taught, and proved, as you can prove for yourself, that individual salvation Here Now and Hereafter is to be accomplished by the Individual, through an understanding and conscious application of the principles of the Knowledge which He freely gave to whoever will heed and comply, and observe in the results of controlled creative thinking.  And that "Truth which will make you free" which He taught in His Mission on earth had been taught long before Him by Masters of the previous Ages, and was taught after Him, by The Master Saint-Germain, 1710-1803; and is being offered again Now, in this Aquarian Age, in accordance with prophecy.


There is no lack of profound respect for The Master Emmanuel, known as Jesus The Christ, in an exposition of the Truth Which, after all, is of far greater importance than any individuality.  We have long ago been taught to develop the habit of seeking for an objective Saviour outside ourselves, while carelessly failing, or refusing - in blind acceptance and belief - to recognize what He taught is the "kingdom of God and His righteousness WITHIN," (Matthew 6:33) and the creative nature of Thought.  (as see Mark 11:24)



It must be remembered that He NEVER, at any time during His remarkable ministry, identified Himself as an individual "God," or as Being The Son of The Infinite Omnipresence men call God.  He taught that every individual IS a Sun  -  S-u-n  -  of The Infinite, and that EVERY individual has within him The Divine Light (in Mind) Which He admonished us to "let shine and so glorify your Father Which is in 'heaven'."  Or, in other words, to develop an ever more expressive Personality and express outwardly "the kingdom of God" from within, for the benefit of ourselves and all others with whom we come in contact.


But, as Paul put it, in teaching His friends the Corinthians:  "till the Christ Truth be formed in us we shall seek for salvation in vain."  Until we have developed the ability to be insensitive to the Consciousness of humanity all about us, with its false teachings and unproved statements about Deity and the Life hereafter - about which none of the religious teachers has ever proved that he knows anything - and "'see through our eyes' and 'hear through our ears'" the spiritual grandeur of true Being, the colours of the spectrum far beyond what we call "light," the "Music of the Spheres," the Voices of our Elder Brothers Who have long since passed this Way - we MUST continue blind to the Presence of The Christ, and "deaf" to The Voice of Omni-consciousness (The Infinite Mind Within).


The awakening of our spiritual nature which lies hidden and dormant within, is our duty and task, and no better time than Now - (at this Easter Season of the Christian world, and Passover commemoration of the World of Jewry - both of which come together) - to begin to realize that "'I' (the spiritual Identity, or Ego, or Soul) AM The Way and The Light; no man cometh unto The Father (The Infinite Omnipresence, or Infinite Mind, or Kingdom of God Within) save through 'Me'; (Mind) in Thought!"


Once your innate, inherent, inner potential spiritual power has been awakened and put into motion (as Positive Thought) for results It will reveal that "The Lord (Law) of Love" IS a Thought which you may easily express for the benefit of yourself and all others with whom you may come in contact.  This may be the better understood by observing that when a tuning fork is vibrated, another of identical pitch will also begin to vibrate in harmony, while other tuning forks of different pitches will be unresponsive and remain silent.


In this we have the allegorical interpretation of His statement, as in John 10:26, 27, "But ye believe Me not, because ye are not of my sheep, a 'I' said unto you.  (27) My sheep hear My voice, and 'I' know them, and they follow Me."


Regardless of belief, imagined creed, nationality, colour of skin, or condition of being, All men are Brothers and Suns of One Father;  "For The Lord our God IS ONE God!"  Therefore at this Season let us rejoice and be glad that "The 'Lord' has risen" in us.  Let us seek first the kingdom of God Within - wherein All IS Peace, Power and Plenty - and forego seeking in the objective for health, peace, power and happiness which is so elusive, and yet so close that we fail to "see" The Promised Land, which we may so easily express in our affairs by the simple process of controlling EVERY thought before we speak or act.


Let us try to catch a glimpse of the esoteric significance of Easter - the Cosmic drama which explains the descent of the Solar "Man" which is consummated in the Mystic birth celebrated at Christmas time, and the Mystic death, or liberation, celebrated soon thereafter at the time of the Vernal equinox - when the Sun (NOT son) of the new year begins "His" ascent into the northern heavens, after having given renewed Life and new purpose to the earth and its inhabitants.


This we observe as the Spring Season, when we notice that all living things and creatures (humans, animals, insects, birds, fish, plants, minerals and chemicals) are inspired with new activities and renewed life impelling to new experiences in karma.  The tree and plant are renewed by an awakening and rising of the sap (the life-giving fluid) resulting in renewed growth of leaves and flowers and fruits - which is the plane upon which this phase of Life is at present manifesting and expressing: evolving to a higher state of Being.


And yet, as wonderful as these material manifestations may seem to be in the earth-plane, as they marvelously transform and change the earth from the lethargic sleep of winter with its snow and ice, into the beautiful "garden of Eden" which it will become, it is inconsequential when compared with the spiritual awakening which compels it.  We see that the conspicuous features of this grand cosmic drama are identical in season with the effects of the Sun in the four Signs of the Zodiac - Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn - Fire, Water, Air and Earth - for the events of greatest significance occur at the equinoctial and the solstitial seasons of the year.


The declaration that "In 'Him' we live and move and have our being," is essentially true if we learn to recognize the Truth that in substituting the title "God," or "Him," for Infinite Mind, we prove that our life and affairs, and all that we Are, or may Be, or may Become, MUST Be a mental (conscious) affair; or a result of our habitual and predominant mental attitude.


Outside of Mind we cannot have existence.  The Universe could neither Be, nor have equilibrium, without the sustaining influence of The Cosmic Mind of The Infinite Omnipresence Which interpenetrates All things and beings in and of existence while permeating the All, or Whole, at one and the same time, and the Same at every point of Its omnipresence.  The entire Creation, or Evolvement, is subject to Divine Will (Infinite Law) (Cause and Effect), which Law manifests, or is directed into manifestation, in many variable ways - all depending upon the attitude of the individual Mind - whether Infinite or finite - Which directs the spiritual Power and Intelligence we call Mind-in-motion, or Thought.


"If, God willing, it shall Be, so shall it Be."

"There is nothing either good or bad (or right or wrong) but

thinking makes it so."


These two statements of fact are synonymous Truths!



So it is that the foregoing compels unusual interest in the annual cosmic drama which is based upon the "death" and "resurrection" of The Sun; and when The Great Jewish Master Teacher of Galilee stated, "'I' AM The 'Sun' of Man," He was imparting a remarkable Truth, which was intended to enlighten and guide us into "salvation."  As you know, He also said, "'I' AM the resurrection and the Life;" and "No man cometh unto The 'Father' (Omniconscious, or Infinite, Mind) save through 'Me.'"


By this He meant that "'I' AM That 'I' Which Is Within you - in Mind - In The Kingdom of God."  And this could only mean that "'I' AM your 'God'!"  In this He was merely restating the Truth taught my Moses; "'I' (Your Ego, Identity, Soul, Within) AM The Lord (Law) thy God (Guide, Which have brought thee out of the land of bondage (Ignorance)."  "There shall Be no other gods before 'Me.'"


And this meant that IF you would Be Free (of ignorance, and wrong thinking which leads to your distress) you should STOP all self-deception, all negative praying to false gods outside; STOP blindly believing the false teachers, and turn to your God (Guide) WITHIN.  (Which you Know intuitively)  The recognition and understanding of This Truth is your rebirth in spiritual Understanding; and unless you are born again (spiritually; mentally) you can in no wise enter into the kingdom of God (Good).


You may be "born again" at any moment IF you Dare to "let go" of superstitions and fears, and recognize Your Own spiritual At-one-ment with The Infinite Omnipresence called God, by and through which relationship You ARE a creator, no matter who may try to tell you otherwise.


You Are the creator (and responsible for) the condition of your life and affairs NOW as you read this.  If, perchance, the condition of your life and affairs Now may be undesirable, or distressing, you, and ONLY you, CAN change to a better, more desirable condition (or state of affairs, environment, and well-being) by simply changing your habitual and predominant method of Thinking, or conscious attitude.


Thousands and thousands of otherwise good and sensible people will go to some church, or temple, or religious edifice on these occasions and indulge in what they have been mistaught to believe is prayer . . . asking, begging, pleading, supplicating their "Unknown Gods" - and many will actually shed tears of emotional hysteria - depending upon the dramatic and the oratorical ability of the clergyman who  conducts the Mass or Service to affect their nervous systems - in contemplation of the death on a cross of The Grand Man they have been taught to blindly believe came to this earth-plane as the son of a young Jewish virgin and a "Holy Ghost" - when all the time, if they but knew, the story was fabricated from the occult symbolism which teaches of a series of spiritual and material occurrences which are observable annually by astronomers.



What a soul-stirring Truth to try to explain to "blind-believers"!  Is it to be wondered, then that the Jesuitry of the College of Cardinals have condemned, persecuted and killed good men Who have tried to teach the Truth in every generation?  To Know The Truth is to be Free of ignorance, bigotry and the distress of wrong thinking.  But very few will accept Freedom when emancipation means the renunciation of false teaching and the substitution of Wisdom and Understanding for blind unquestioning belief.


Wisdom and Knowledge of Truth is exacting.  It demands logical reasoning, regardless of where it leads, and such thought is difficult.  It is easier to believe than to think, for belief demands no great courage, whereas independent thinking and logical reasoning demands investigation, examination, and courage to refuse to accept what cannot be proved to be true, regardless of the religious belief of parents.  (see Matthew 10:34, 35, 36)


Theological Science and The Wisdom Religion is not an easy Way of Life.  It demands your attention, effort, patience, and courage to dare to deny, or believe, what is not proved true; but Knowledge and Understanding of The Truth that will make you free offers great rewards.


The basic goal is Truth, and the search for Truth, no matter where It may lead, is so self-satisfying as to be almost a revelation.  You are born again in spiritual Understanding, and, which is more, your future On The Path is practically assured of a grandeur of Being which would be impossible to imagine Here Now.  It is a Truth that You shall Be and Become ONLY What you have developed yourself to Be in this earth-plane; your ultimate Being can be only commensurate with your development Here.  STOP blindly believing what you cannot prove to be Truth!  Become a sincere Truth-Seeker, then an Initiate, then an Adept and You MUST become a Master, and it would be impossible for You to be anything less Hereafter.


The Understanding of The Wisdom of The Masters Who long ago pointed out and taught all of the visible indications and practices essential to the individual's personal development and well-being, enables you to live and Think so much more intelligently and efficiently in harmony with The Infinite Mind and Law in Their constant efforts for the emancipation of Truth Seekers from the bondage of ignorance of the creative nature of Thought.


When You shall have been "born again," or "resurrected from the dead" (for to be ignorant of The Truth is to be as if dead), you shall overcome, and rise above, sin (wrong thinking), sickness and death, as the Sun of God in Man.  The Divine, or Natural, Law demands this freedom in Understanding, and because of your Personal Development it will be your choice as to whether your emancipation from the distress of uncontrolled thinking, and causation, is to be accomplished while Here, or over the long process of evolutional progress, and necessity of repeated reincarnations.


The mass of humanity live through the earth-plane, subject to karma, and weighted in "the Scales of the Balance," without ever "seeing" or "hearing" the Truth that would make them free from all manner of distress, though they have spiritual eyes to "see," and spiritual "ears" to hear what The Masters, and Omni-consciousness, say (intuitively) to those who welcome the Grand Knowledge and guidance in spiritual At-one-ment with The Infinite.  The majority fail to "tune in" on Infinite Mind, or, as I have previously explained it, "to be in tune with The Infinite."


Most persons are too intensely concerned with their own personal material, objective, affairs; living in conscious awareness of desires, working, playing, striving and hoping, with very slight, if any, understanding of The Divine Purpose of Being Here and Hereafter; And, even when The Truth of Being is offered to them, we may hardly expect many of them to appreciate and conform to The Natural Laws which govern, because of the slight personal sacrifices that attitude involves.  And yet that majority, usually experiencing the consequent distress of uncontrolled thinking, are those who envy and admire those Few who have learned to Know The Law and Live It.


So, while there can be no harm in enjoying the Easter Season to the full - even in contemplation of, and sorrow for, the imagined death on a cross of the noble Jew Who so ably pointed the Way for whosoever will heed and practice His teaching, we may well enjoy the Easter season in the realization that the earth and all entities in and of the universe are lifted up in renewed life as are we who have "risen from the dead" of ignorant inattention to The Truth that we, too, shall live again.


But for those who have determined upon Personal Development which leads to personal liberation from the distress of ignorance, Easter and Passover are the evidence which we have every year that the Easter Sun which rises into the Northern heavens, after having poured out Life-force on the earth, is the occult symbol of the Truth of resurrection; and the indication that we shall eventually attain to Cosmic Consciousness, and Know for a Truth that there is no 'death'; that what seems to be 'death' is but a transition into a Higher sphere of spiritual Being.


When we have made the personal sacrifices necessary to our own progress On the Path, we shall be "clothed with the 'Golden raiment' of Mastery" and, like the golden Easter(n) Sun, ascend into the Higher spheres of Occult Initiation.  With this Knowledge, given by The Master Teachers of Time, Easter and Passover become seasons for reviewing our karmic experiences during the preceding year, and for resolving to give more time, attention and greater effort to our own great development.


It is the season when the ascending "Sun of Man" shall compel in us a keener appreciation of The Truth that we are but wanderers and strangers in consciousness in this earth-plane; that our real existence is On The Path in Infinite Omnipresence, and that it is our duty to try (or seek) to learn the lessons in this "School of Experience" as quickly as may be possible to our limited comprehension, so that as Easter marks the release of The Christ Mind from the lower Way of travail; and as The Passover commemorates the Deliverance from the bondage of ignorance of The Truth, we may also look forward to the dawning of that day when we shall "rise from the dead" of ignorance in Matter, relinquish the temple, or body, or tomb, which has held us prisoners, and so prove, for the benefit of others, that "'I' AM That 'I'" - spiritually One with my Infinite 'Father' Which art in the kingdom of heaven within."  (see John 10:30, and 10:38; and also John 14:11, 12)



This, I grant you, is a colossal undertaking, and the very idea of it may thwart the coward who fears to undertake the task; or the blind believer who prefers to blindly obey man-made edicts, threats or promises; and were we left alone to our own resources we might not be able to fully accomplish.  But the Divine Minds and Great Souls Who are our Elder Brothers in astral and in earth-plane, Who as Masters have long since passed this Way (and Who have been misrepresented to the masses as "angels," or "saints,") are forever ready, willing and anxious to guide whoever will seek The Truth and learn to heed the "still, small Voice" of The intuitive Infinite Mind WITHIN, along the Path of Evolution from the very instant we make our decision, until we shall have reached the Higher Sphere of spiritual perfection when, as John, The Revelator, put it, as is to be seen in The Book of Revelation, chapters 21 and 22, "there shall be no night there," and "there shall be no more going out" (meaning freedom from the darkness of ignorance, and no further necessity for reincarnation, or return to mortal form).


I hope that you who are of the Christian Faith will enjoy a happy Easter Holiday, or, if this transcription does not reach you in time, that you did enjoy the Easter Holiday.  I hope, too, that you who are of the Jewish Faith, will enjoy The Feast of Passover and participate in the Memorial Services; and may you, who are Theological Scientists, in actual practice, as well as Fellowship of The Wisdom Religion, remember, EVERY day, to "Be still and know that 'I' AM God!" and help all men to enjoy their seasons.


If you have been giving faithful personal attention to the Knowledge of Theological Science, or The Wisdom Religion, you MUST have been practicing the principles in your everyday thinking; and, therefore, if you have had proof of the Truth of this gospel, you also should have developed perfect Faith in the method; therefore "Do ye also to them in need as 'I' have done unto you."


You either have developed Faith and ability, or you haven't.  If you have, "whatsoever you ask in 'My' Name shall be granted unto you."  If you haven't, may our Elder Brothers help you, intuitively, to learn to "Know that 'I' AM God!" (in the kingdom of 'heaven' within you).


Refer back to the parable I told and explained in an earlier Lesson, regarding the business man who needed ten thousand dollars to save his business.  His brother, learning of his great worry, secretly put ten one-thousand-dollar bills in an envelope in the pocket of his coat which he was to wear the next day.  He donned that coat the next morning, and went to his office, still terribly worried; contemplating ruination and even self-destruction; and while hunting through his pockets for an address; he discovered the envelope containing the money his brother had placed there the previous night.


What a shock!  And, then, what a relief!  A new and different conscious awareness; indeed, a new and different man - in the "twinkling of an eye." Why?  Simply because his whole mental attitude had been suddenly changed!  He HAD NEW POWER!



You have much more than ten thousand dollars IN your "mental pocket."  You HAVE ALL the Power and All the Intelligence necessary to any situation or condition.  You HAVE God-Power.  "Seek you, therefore, the kingdom of God and His (Its) righteousness (Its Power); WITHIN you;" "and all things (whatsoever) shall be added unto you!"  (IF YOU WILL BUT DARE TO "BE STILL AND KNOW THAT 'I' AM GOD").


Do you believe you are sick?  Do you imagine you do not have enough money?  Do you imagine you cannot achieve your ambition, or desire?  Do you desire to own your own home?  Do you secretly aspire in hope to attain some position?  What is it that you want?  Anything WHATSOEVER CAN Be yours IF you but DARE to KNOW THAT in creating its pattern, in a mental picture, it becomes spiritually yours at once - and you then only need to "mind your own business: and LET your Infinite Father (through The Law of Attraction - in Cause and Effect - bring It to you; or bring you to It.  Remember:  "God works in mysterious Ways His (Its) wonders to perform."


And now, in conclusion, I'd like to have you share a laugh with me.  Laughter is a tonic; especially if it is hearty laughter.  I laughed, and am still pleasantly remembering, this:


The comedian, Jack Haley, who appears occasionally on a late night television show, told a joke about a priest named Father Fox, who was speeding his automobile on a boulevard.  One of our little-appreciated, but invaluable public servants, who should be commended and admired more, gave chase and "curbed" the reverend gentleman, and as the Police Officer approached the car, the priest smiling said, "I am Father Fox."  The Officer replied, "I don't care if you're Mother Goose; you're getting a ticket.


Silly?  Sure it's silly!  But for growing into old age gracefully, and for getting the most fun out of life, I have a formula:  Keep limber, and Loving, and a little bit Loony.


Limber, physically, by doing enough exercise every day, and correcting your Breath-flow, to send the ozone coursing through every tissue and organ of your body; Limber, mentally, by cultivating a lively interest in a variety of things, maintaining at all times an open, judicial mind on all debatable subjects.


Loving in the sense of feeling and manifesting an unselfish kindness toward our Fellows, and toward all creatures; gently tolerant of men's errors and imperfections, and neglectful of no opportunity to be helpful to the humblest as well as the highest.   A little bit Loony is the tendency to have faith in humanity, however often your trust may be betrayed, and in the willingness to accept, at least as a working hypothesis, those cherished beliefs, however incapable of proof, which clearly promote the well-being, the happiness, and the progress of men.


My love and good wishes are with you.   May the gods love you as I do.


Your servant and friend,


Dr. Hugh G. Carruthers, B,11.