Theological Science Society International

Invites You to Share in Our Vision

If you are interested in your own Personal Development for a future of great achievement and happiness, and are willing to do something about it........

We shall be happy to welcome you to Fellowship.

You will learn that the POWER to be successful lies within you like a Great Sleeping Giant.

You will learn that no man or woman has a monopoly on Success - that Success comes to those who become AWARE of their Inner Strength to GET WHAT THEY WANT.

Strange as it may seem now, You are at the threshold of an entirely new Way of Life, If You WILL it so. We have the Knowledge and the ability to teach the HOW as well as the WHAT and WHY; it only remains for you to TRY It.

Yes, I want the advantages of membership in THE THEOLOGICAL SCIENCE SOCIETY, Int. and I understand and appreciate the fact that maintenance and operation of this Fellowship and Its Course of Training for Personal Development is dependent upon my regular monthly Gifts or Free Will Offerings to The Theological Science Society, and I hereby agree to active compliance therewith.

My Name is : ______________________________________________
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My Address is : ___________________________________________

City State ZIP : _________________ _______ _____________

My Birth Date is If husband and
wife membership, please give mate's date : __________________

Married Single No. of Children Religion : __________________

Occupation : ______________________________________________

Initial Gift Offering of: $25.00 $20.00 $15.00 Is being sent today via Papal or will be mailed to The Theological Science Society Int?l, P.O. Box 722, Cary, Illinois 60013-0722

Signed : ______________________________________________

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