Theological Science Society

Our Founder

Hugh Greer Carruthers, D.D., M.D., Ph.D., F.R.A.S. (Fellow of Royal Asiatic Society), was a man of wide experience. Naturally, His earned degrees indicate an extensive university training, but when we look deeper into His life, we find that He was an Emerged Initiate-Adept out of a glorious past.

He lived, studied, and practiced for more than seventeen years in the Lamaseries of Changu-Nahrain, near Katmandu, Nepal, and of Kum Bum, on the shore of the Great Blue Lake in Northeast Tibet.

His life was a devoted service to the betterment of others, as well as an example of results obtained by consistent application of the Occult Wisdom of the Ages. Lecturer, teacher, author, world traveler, psychiatrist, sociologist, and withal a humanitarian who proved His ability as a human engineer--a builder of successful men and women.

His greatest achievement, however, was the preparation of the Educational Course of Training for Personal Development, or self-improvement, through self-knowledge, which stands as His monument and will stand for many long years to come, available to all who are seeking the Truth and the Way of Life. To this end, He founded The Theological Science Society, Int.. It is a voluntary association of individuals devoted to self-improvement. Professional Website Design & Management, Serving Chicago and the Midwest
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