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I hope you will remember that this information, while possibly quite new to many, is not actually new, or of recent discovery, but as old in point of time as the ancient history of the peoples who existed in the earliest dawning of the race.

The Aristocracy of the Lemurian Empire, which was composed of the most enlightened of those people, and who governed the Empire with an intelligence which has come down the annals of Time unequaled, gave to the ancient races a civilization which well knew the science of communication, transmission and education, as well as of building construction, coloring, pigmentation, dyes, and even embalming which were unknown save to the few of The Great Lodge of Mystics. It is only because of the deliberate destruction of scrolls and papyri (written knowledge) by those who came after the Lemurians to form the newer, less intelligent, imagined civilization which has induced and compelled fear, war, and all manner of distress through ignorance caused by false teaching. The destruction of the Library of Apollo, at Alexandria, in Egypt, alone robbed the successive nations of an enlightenment which, while still known to but a Few, should have enriched humanity beyond comprehension.

The Chinese possessed an enlightenment which has come down through every successive dynasty until the so-called religious "philosophies" forced their scholars to hide their wisdom, which has never been properly revealed since the passing of Mencius (Meng-tse). Osiris, Chief Priest of the early Atlantean Empire which flourished under the direction of Poseidon, and who prophesied the destruction of that Empire by a cataclysm, brought and gave to the Egyptians secrets and mysteries of the science of Being which were unknown to them before His arrival; for all of which the Egyptians recognized and worshipped him as a god.

It was Abraham, Who has been called "the father of many nations," who went into Egypt as A-Brahm, a Braham priest of the Order of Melchi-Zedek, Who tried to give to His people the Wisdom of Osiris, which has been so grossly misunderstood and misinterpreted as to form the basis of a religious doctrine which has long been, like every other religious dogma, at variance with The Truth of Being.

What is known as the Hindu religion did not begin as a religious doctrine but, rather, as a philosophy of life. So it was with Brahmanism, Buddhism, and The Order of The Grand Lodge of The Mystics, of Magians, which last of these never developed into a religion and alone has continued inviolate by Those Few, called Masters, or Adepts, Who have faithfully taught to the Few in every Age, who have been ready to receive, this Ageless Wisdom. Even the dawning and development of the Syrian, Persian, Carthaginian, Roman, Greek and other European empires, as well as the beginning of the early church, had no effect, or destructive influence, on The Grand Lodge of Mystics of The Order of Magians, which alone is the true Source of the ancient Wisdom.

The Knowledge, instruction, and guidance offered to the one interested in Personal Development for Health, Harmony, Mental and Spiritual Power, and the Happiness which is consequent to developed ability and achievement, may well be said to be the basis of successful living. Oddly enough, a large number of so-called educated individuals know little or nothing about Personal Development, and the expression of a developed magnetic and dynamic Personality, to say nothing of the ability to "Get What You Want." Developed ability in any one, or several, of the conscious faculties of expression is not enough. The first Law of Success in Life, or in any avenue of endeavor, is The Law Of Cause and Effect, which is largely dependent upon Self Knowledge. It is absolutely essential that you KNOW THYSELF. Self Knowledge and Self Mastery lead to creative thinking. Every leader of every Age has been capable of controlling his thought processes, those who have never mastered the Self have never succeeded in any avenue of Life.

You will learn that the POWER to be successful lies within you like a Great Sleeping Giant. You will learn that no man or woman has a monopoly on Success - that Success comes to those who become AWARE of their Inner Strength to GET WHAT THEY WANT.

The training offered by THE THEOLOGICAL SCIENCE SOCIETY covers every need for living a full, rich, enjoyable life. Faithfully followed, it imparts powers to the student which have already raised many men and women to a plane of successful living far above the average. It develops earnest students into constructive creative Thinkers and Doers.

Study carefully the following list of subjects covered in this remarkable Training, and note how gradually, but completely, they tend to develop every faculty required to assure Success and the full enjoyment of Life - in Physical-Mental-Spiritual well-Being.

Know Thy Self; (physically, mentally, and spiritually)
That Something Within; (Intuitive guidance; still small Voice)
The Source of Supply; (Infinite Mind-Power; sub-conscious Mind)
Conscious Power; (conscious awareness of personal power)
Sub-conscious Power; (mental and spiritual at-one-ment)
Creative Thinking; (mastery of Cause and Effect; Natural Law)
Will Power; (the control of thought and action)
Imagination and Visualization; (the creation of causes)
Concentration; (the conscious creative force)
Suggestion and Auto-suggestion; (the mental power to compel)
Magnetism and Dynamic Personality; (the power to attract and influence others)
Complete self-mastery; (for the control of conditions)
Health; (essential to Success in any direction)
The Spinal Exercise; (for self-adjustment; and relief of tension)
Correct physical and mental exercise; (stretching, tensing, relaxing; NOT forcing, nor weight-lifting, nor pulling weights.
Dietetics; (the science of eating correct food combinations)
Correct eating habits; (correcting faulty elimination)
The correction of congestion; (for freedom from toxicity; acidity)
Evergreen youthfulness: (a healthy body in advanced age)
The Oriental Science of Correct Breathing; (a revelation)
The Secret of Abundance; (How To Get and Have What You Want in Life)
The Occult Sciences; (The Ancient Wisdom)
The Secrets of Yoga; (conscious mental and spiritual self-discipline)
The Secrets of the Thibetan Masters: (teachings of The Lodge of Mystics)
How to live spiritually in this material objective world; (or HOW to control others by thought-vibrations)
Telepathic communication; (or HOW to communicate with, and control, others and conditions)
Hypnosis and self-hypnosis; (control of mind in others), or self; even at a distance)
Life with The Masters On The Path; (the secrets of miracles)
The Inner Secret; (Mind-power-manifestation; known to but a Few)
The development and control of the Personal aura; (Personal magnetism)
Astral projection; (spiritualism; contact with the astral world)
The conscious control of the astral Being; (Self; Soul; Projection)
Business and Professional Success; (HOW to deal with ignorant conscious humanity)
Personnel Management; (HOW to analyze, judge, and employ others)
HOW to win friends who will prove helpful to you; (the secret of reciprocal service)
Marriage psychology; (love, marriage and domestic harmony)
Child psychology; (rearing and training a successful family)
Peace of mind and well-being; (mastery of affairs and conditions)

NOTE: The Training is divided into 8 Volumes, each with the exception of Volume 8 consist of 24 to 30 individual Lessons. Volume 8 ends with Lesson 9 the last Lesson Dr. Carruthers completed shortly before his death in 1960. The Lessons are mailed monthly along with a Monthly Letter in the nature of a lecture. The student will also find "The Occult Science of Numbers;" (Numerology) available to students in the third year of study. "The Oriental Science of Breath Control" is included in the second year of Volume 1.

If you are interested in your own Personal Development for a future of great achievement and happiness, and are willing to do something about it, we invite you to send for our Introductory booklet which has been the stepping stone for so many others. It may strike a responsive chord. We shall be happy to welcome you to Fellowship if you so decide.

Strange as it may seem now, You are at the threshold of an entirely new Way of Life, If You WILL it so. We have the Knowledge and the ability to teach the HOW as well as the WHAT and WHY; it only remains for you to TRY It. Do not, at any time, accept, or blindly believe what may be outlined in any of your lesson texts. If you do that you are no better off than you have been heretofore. Apply, rather, every principle; find out if it will work, and compel results, or effects. Prove every statement of Knowledge offered. You will be taught HOW to do this.

"Take heed that you be not deceived (led astray) for many shall come in my Name, saying I am Christ, and the time draweth near; go you not therefore after them." (Luke 21:8) "Prove all things, hold fast that which is good (which can be proved, and which is desirable)" 1st Thessalonians 5:21. Learn to pray correctly. Many who have frowned upon prayer, or who have never had a prayer answered, or who have been praying for many years without success, either inspirational, or acquisitive, have learned HOW to pray correctly and have learned, through desirable results, the real meaning of the parable (allegorical lesson) shown in Mark 4:3-9, which is well worth reading and learning. You will learn that the sower sowed thought-seeds in his mental garden, some weakly, some carelessly, some without much real attention, mumbling verbatim words he had learned to repeat like a parrot, but some concentrated in visualization, which created the mental, or spiritual patterns which, because of the mental-spiritual Law of Cause and Effect, become manifest in his affairs.

You are going to learn - strange as it may seem - that your ONLY Power is Thought; that Thought is the CAUSE of any and every environment, circumstance, experience, and condition in and of your life and affairs. BUT, you will also learn that THOUGHT is the GREATEST POWER Known. You will learn What It is, from whence You have derived It, and HOW to entertain thoughts from others as suggestion, how to create your own Thoughts, how to use and direct Thought-Power for your own good. We could offer you no greater gift than this "gift of the gods," - KNOWLEDGE OF THE CREATIVE NATURE OF THOUGHT.

If the condition of one's life and affairs at present are distressing, or undesirable; if one is subject to fear, or worry, or is experiencing lack, or loss, or limitation, in his every day life and affairs, or if one is chronically sick, or in misery, is unhappy or dissatisfied, or cannot seem to achieve the degree of success he desires, there IS a basic reason, or CAUSE. When we ascertain the Cause we may easily overcome the condition by establishing another, different, more desirable Cause which, because of the infallibility and immutability of Universal Law - Cause and Effect - or Law of Nature - MUST compel a new and different condition identical to the nature of the Cause, or Thought, which compelled it.

The Truth that makes us free is not by any means a recent discovery. Twenty thousand years ago Osiris brought it from Atlantis and taught it to the Egyptians, who deified him as a god.

It was symbolized and given symmetrical form in the Great Pyramid of Gizeh.

Prince Siddharatha, who became the omniscient all enlightened Buddha, the personification of human greatness, was a nearly perfect example of this Truth. As was Confucius, who made the Chinese civilization with a philosophy of love and service.

So was Jesus, Who brought it to its greatest simplicity, lightening the hearts of those who found solace in it, and bring a new hope to the human race. Some three centuries before Jesus taught His profound gospel or philosophy for better living, a great Mater of The Great Lodge known as The Vivekenanda, taught: "How can a man know ought of anything till he first knows himself?"

Today in the Western World The Theological Science Society is the Center of the culture developed through this Wisdom Which was the earliest of ALL Religions, and from Which all subsequent religions, sects, cults, and philosophico-religious groups have sprung.

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